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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


October 15 – October 21, 2019


WNOP Prayer Requests


  • David and Danette are missing and was last seen by the family in January 2014.
  • Kaden, 2-months old, has pneumonia and needs a miracle.
  • Tania is in ICU due to injuries from a car accident.
  • Loren needs healing from a tragic accident that resulted in both legs and one arm to be amputated. It is still questionable if he will survive the accident.
  • Dawn had a brain hemorrhage and needs a miracle.
  • Joseph and Carol have urgent health needs. Also, they have a huge Goliath in their valley.
  • Jan’s 2-week old grandchild has been diagnosed with Caucasian sickle cell anemia. The doctors are fighting to save her life
  • Maverick, a prodigal, has been given only days to live as he battles with cancer.
  • Eugene has pancreatic cancer and only given a short time to live.
  • Girly, a 3-month year old baby, has cancer and needs a miracle.


  • Kim needs healing in her kidneys and heart. She is on dialysis and undergoing tests for a transplant but learned that her heart is too weak.
  • Patsy has an open-heart surgery scheduled and possibly a leaking Aorta. She is a prodigal and above all else she needs to be saved.
  • Fay has lung disease and unable to breathe well.
  • Rachel has CIDP with serious lung issues and is on oxygen. Also, they need to move but they need a financial miracle.
  • Sharon has possible heart problems.
  • Divina suffers from back pain. Pray for complete recovery.
  • Joselito suffers from diabetes.
  • Bob has problems with his heart.
  • Billie has problems with her back, legs, and her knee which causes her to rarely sleep well.
  • Charlotte has fainting spells and the doctors cannot find the cause.
  • Gary has heart problems.
  • Marvin had 3 mini strokes and is in the hospital.
  • Derrick needs a kidney transplant.
  • Kathy needs surgery on her right eye or she may go blind.
  • Vinett has pain in his hip and it’s radiating to his foot.
  • Bobbie is in a Nursing Facility due to health problems.
  • Shirley has severe back pain and weakness in her body.
  • Linda has a rash that won’t go away. She has lost a lot of weight and needs a miracle.
  • Megan has pressure in her eyes and needs healing.
  • Martin is suffering from a cough and tonsillitis.
  • Mateja, a doctor, needs healing and salvation.
  • Wade has Sleep Apnea. Also, he suffers in his legs and feet.
  • Lynette has arthritis and diabetes.
  • Audie has bronchitis.
  • Tammy has influenza with a bad cough.
  • Martha has a sick stomach as well as influenza symptoms.
  • Inez needs healing and strength.
  • Lionel needs healing.
  • Louise needs compassion and restoration of her health.
  • Donald needs a quick recovery from heart surgery.
  • Jimmy needs complete healing.
  • Alisha needs emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.
  • Jean needs a healing touch in her body.
  • Mae needs a quick recovery from a back injury.
  • Frederick is sick with flu-like symptoms and needs healing.
  • Paula needs healing for various illnesses.


  • Carol’s daughter found a lump on her body. Pray it’s not cancer.
  • Marvin has a doctor’s appointment as a follow-up to his cancer surgery. Pray for a good report.
  • Donald has a spot on his lung and needs complete healing.
  • Pekka’s wife has cancer.
  • Nora needs healing from cancer that has come back a second time.
  • Lynda has cancer in her lungs, lymph nodes, and bones.
  • Donald has stage 4 cancer on his spine. Also, he needs salvation.


  • Pray that James will turn his life over to God. Also, he needs God to help him overcome what he went through when he was in prison for 3 years.
  • Jamil needs salvation and uncommon favors.
  • Robert and Lee need salvation.
  • Yolanda is scheduled to go to court. She needs salvation, safety, and for the Lord to soften her heart. Also, pray for the will of God at court.


  • Missy is trying to get her life cleaned up and go to church. Pray her visits with her probation officer goes well. Also, she has many health problems.
  • Jace needs deliverance from addictions and violent behavior. Also, pray for his family to cope with the situation.
  • Ann, a single mom, suffers from depression, anxiety, and daily struggles.
  • Kay suffers from depression and anxiety. She takes care of her mom who suffers from dementia. Also, Kay needs full time employment.
  • John, a veteran, is experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • Kelley needs deliverance from drug addiction.
  • Levi needs deliverance and restoration.


  • There is a struggle in the family for the custody of Olivia, a child. Pray for the will of God for Olivia.
  • Pray that Ron and Ann will receive everything God has for them spiritually and naturally.
  • Pray that God helps Don with his marriage and children.


  • Kathi urgently needs a financial miracle and provision. She needs healing and restoration in her body, renewal spiritually, financial blessings, and her family restored.
  • Keyon had a job interview. Pray for God’s divine intervention and favor.
  • Ronald needs prayer regarding a situation on his job.
  • Jesu needs a job.
  • Edmund has financial difficulties and in much debt. He needs a financial blessing and financial freedom.
  • Kathie needs a financial blessing and direction for her future.


  • Annette needs protection, healing, and restoration.
  • Pray that Lindy has safe travels.


  • Pray that God leads and guides Carol in ministry, bless and provide needed tools and resources for ministry, and bring those who have a desire to help.  Also, pray that God provides provision.
  • Jamal needs a car for Outreach Ministry work for the Gentiles.

Special Request:

  • Jane’s young adult son is out of legal status and is going to immigration without a lawyer. He needs to prove why he should not be deported.  Pray for the will of God.


  • Karen’s mother passed away in September.  Karen needs prayer and comfort.