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    WNOP Prayer List

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

    Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


    July 27 – August 2, 2021



    • Carlson is a year old and his kidneys are shutting down.

    • Keith is in the emergency room with blood clots and needs a miracle.

    • Heather’s dad is in ICU with COVID. He needs healing and salvation.

    • Keith has blood clots and is running a fever.

    • Luke, 1-year old, is in the hospital fighting for his life.

    • Gina is on a ventilator and needs a miracle.

    • Cynthia is in the hospital with COVID and double pneumonia.

    • Cameron, 17 years old, had a heart transplant and his body is trying to reject the new heart. He also has blood pressure and kidney issues.

    • Aaron is hospitalized with COVID pneumonia.

    • Tracy is in ICU unresponsive with an infection in her brain. Also pray for her daughter, Megan. She is 19 and needs her mother. Her father is no longer living.

    • Dan, a pastor, is in the hospital with COVID and is having a difficult time. Pray for him and his family.



    • Ramola has been in the hospital for three months. She needs a miracle.

    • Anita has a high heart rate and low blood pressure problems. Also, pray for her liver and kidneys.

    • Mallery is pregnant and her blood pressure is very high. The doctors are taking the baby early. Pray for a safe delivery for Mallery and the baby.

    • Shawleigh, 17 years old, passed out and quit breathing. She has a concussion. She battles with anorexia and is malnourished. She needs protection and complete healing.

    • Nic had 3 surgeries that are not healing because of diabetes. She also needs healing from diabetes.

    • Randy is in the hospital from an allergic reaction to a sting.

    • Barbara has severe knee, neck, and back pain. She also has a herniated disk and macular degeneration.

    • James had a stroke. Pray he receives his speech back.

    • Austin is scheduled to go to a heart specialist. He has a heart monitor to find out what is wrong with his heart.

    • Ursula’s husband’s kidneys need healing.

    • Martha has extreme pain in her stomach. She strangled on a bite of watermelon.

    • Reba has bronchitis and can’t talk. She sleeps too much. Son, her husband is 93 and needs strength to take care of his wife. They are both sick in bed. They do not have family nearby.

    • Tony has a very bad stomach problem.

    • Brandi is sick and was taken to the hospital.

    • Donald had a heart attack and needs open-heart surgery. He needs a miracle. Pray also that God leads the physicians.

    • Hannah suffers from bad anxiety and fainting spells.

    • Kristi has the flu.

    • Deborah needs healing in her body and home. Keith needs healing for blood clots after surgery.

    • Roxanne has a very painful boil. John, her husband needs healing too. They both need salvation.

    • Pauline is very sick and needs a miracle healing.

    • Chris, a child, was at the dentist and the tooth was broke off which left the roots in his jaw bone. He is in much pain. He had surgery to try to remove the tooth’s roots.

    • Jesus lives alone and does not manage his thyroid. He also needs deliverance from anger.

    • Betty is out of the hospital but is in Rehab. She needs complete healing.

    • Tony has severe stomach problems.

    • Juliet had surgery to remove gall stones. Pray for a quick recovery. She also needs salvation.

    • Anthony needs to be disease and sickness-free.

    • Shala needs healing.

    • Anchoy needs healing and protection as she travels.

    • C and AP need prayer for emotional issues because of their parent’s divorce.

    • Erlene, Bill, and David need healing.

    • David is in the hospital with COVID. Barbara has COVID, also.

    • Jamarcus requests prayer for healing for the people on his job that has COVID.

    • Motty has Alzheimer’s that is progressively worsening.

    • Esti has memory loss and was told by her doctor that she is in the early stages of Dementia.

    • Wayne has severe allergy problems, and has a severe cold, and possibly other illnesses.

    • Carlton and his family are battling Covid-19. Also, many in his church and region are also likewise.

    • Gina, a praise singer, has suffered a stroke and is in the hospital. The doctor says if she survives, she may not be able to speak. She needs a miracle.

    • Kevin is in the hospital with a small hole in his lungs. He needs a miracle.

    • Levi needs healing and restoration.

    • Corbin needs complete healing for dental work and for his knee and other areas of his body.

    • Jim and Jean both need healing in various areas.

    • Fred and Paula need direction, protection, and healing.

    • Jason has COVID and needs healing.
    • Tone and Monique need healing for auto-immune diseases.

    • Oscar needs healing in his body.



    • Gina has a spot on her pancreas. Pray for God’s will.

    • Debra’s sister-in-law has lung cancer. She also needs salvation. Debra’s husband has heart failure.

    • Larry is in the last stages of cancer and is in much discomfort. Pray also for his wife and 2 daughters for peace and acceptance.

    • Doug has stage 4 cancer. He needs healing and salvation.

    • Melody, 8 years old, has a tumor on her back and needs a miracle.

    • Wendy is struggling with cancer.

    • Mrs. Smith has a tumor in her stomach and needs urgent prayer.

    • Bobby has cancer of the lymph nodes and is in Hospice care.

    • Mary has been fighting cancer since 2019. Between the sickness, chemo, and COVID, Ray and Mary are getting weaker and not sleeping.

    • Cola, Edith, Charis, and Carol have health issues for cancer or possible cancer.

    • Jenn is in Hospice care with breast cancer. Also, pray for Jenn’s little girl, Harper. She needs her mother.

    • Tim needs salvation and healing from cancer.



    • Chicago is in great need of a spiritual revival. The city has a very large crime rate.

    • Aretta is struggling in the spiritual realm with the Word of God and prayer. Pray she can break through to desire and love for God’s Word and prayer. She also needs comfort for the passing of her son.

    • Perry, O’neil, Owen, Juliet, Raquel, Mary, and Stacy need to be filled with the Holy Ghost. Young people need to be convicted by the Holy Ghost regarding principles in every area of life and to embrace a lifestyle of Holiness unto to Lord.

    • Jordan needs salvation. Also, pray for his destiny.

    • Seth and Spencer need to be restored back to the Holy Ghost. Their mother, Sue, has a special need.

    • Nikolai needs emotional healing and to find God.

    • Pray that illness will not prevent Racquet from being baptized and she is filled with the Holy Ghost.

    • Anon needs a renewed soul, and salvation from a lifetime of on and off abuse.

    • Tavershima desires for God to restore his salvation and restore him to faith and sanctify him. He desires to be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with the anointing of the Holy Ghost. He also needs healing in his body.

    • Robin needs salvation and baptism in Jesus’ name.

    • Sam needs restoration and direction.

    • Dan, Joel, Daniel, Elias, Linda, Todd, Sam, Rosemary, Tiffany, Emily, Lorrie, Kevin, Tim, and Brian need their heart softened.

    • Jaimie needs salvation and repentance. Pray that God tears down all strongholds in his life.

    • Sam, Eli, Roby, David, Brian, Victor, Jordan, Isaiah, Dan, George, Jeff, Jeremiah, Warren, Xavier, Justin, and DJ, need salvation.

    • The Stephens families need salvation, healing, deliverance, and God‘s intervention in several other areas.

    • Shelly’s nieces and nephews Zac, Ganesh, Hope, Cruz, as well as her son, needs true deliverance.
    • April’s daughter is a prodigal and needs to come back to Christ. Pray that April is given guidance on how to handle the situation.



    • Will needs deliverance in his mind and heart.

    • Mary has heavy anxiety which is causing depression.



    • Heather needs prayer of protection for peace, soul, and body. Also, her mom and dad tested positive for COVID.

    • Lucy had a procedure. Pray for protection from COVID and no cancer is found in the procedure.

    • Anthony has PTSD and needs protection and deliverance.

    • John needs God’s protection. He also desires to move to a new area or home to his farm.

    • Elisabeth needs protection and peace from occult activities, evil spirits, and ungodly secret societies.



    • Arturo needs a victory against spiritual and natural attacks. He needs the blessings of God upon ministerial endeavors and God’s protection.

    • Pray for the full operation of the Fivefold ministry in the Church.



    • Glenda needs a job near her home. She works in another city.

    • Felicia moved about 120 miles from her home with her job. She needs to get a house at her new location.

    • Alicia and her husband need to find a place to live. They have 5 little ones and need to locate for work. Pray that God will supernaturally open a door for them.

    • Helen needs prayer in her work situation.

    • Barb needs her request for rental and utility assistance to be approved. Also, her son, Jase, needs his unemployment benefits to come through.

    • Maria and Miquel are going through hard times.

    • “Sue” and her children are in urgent need of a financial blessing. She has a serious situation that involves the home she is living in that needs many repairs. She needs provision to move.

    • Felicia, a doctor, begins a new job. Pray all goes well.

    • Glenda needs a travel trailer for her job to cut the expense of motels.



    • Robin’s daughter needs God to intervene in a custody battle. Pray for the will of God and what is best for the child.

    • Justin and Melissa need healing in their marriage. Also, pray for unity and forgiveness.

    • Baptiste needs a miracle in his marriage. He also needs to quit smoking and a financial blessing. Also, pray he and his family are saved.



    • Pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • Pray for America. Pray that God will take away the rising crime rates in major cities.

    • Pray for former President Trump’s spiritual conversion.

    • Pray for America and for all the nations of the world.

    • Pray that God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

    • Montana desperately needs rain. Also, pray that God will send a wind to blow the grasshoppers away.

    • Debi needs God’s favor and will to go forth in a situation. Also, pray for protection for her and her daughters.

    • Devon needs God’s will for his life.

    • Wil need direction, healing, peace, and comfort.
    • Jeremy needs prayer for his current problems.

    • Sue and Lakisha need prayer.

    • Ella has a special need. Pray for the will of God.

    • Paul, Brian, Rex, and Lorena need miraculous favor with God and man.

    • Dawn desires to move to another group home.

    • Victoria is taking her bar exam to be licensed as an attorney in Washington D.C. and needs prayer to do well.

    • Pray for a cleansing in the country of Sweden. Pray for great salvation and deliverance.
    • Tony has a special unspoken.
    • Theresa has a lot going on in her family and several financial and spiritual needs.
    • Deb and her family are having stressful times and need prayer.



    • Aretta needs comfort over the passing of her son. She is in spiritual warfare and seeks victory and deliverance.

    • DeWitt and Montambo families need prayer. They lost their dad and need peace and unity.

    • Pray for the McFarland family. Tresha was killed in a car accident.

    • The Ashworth family and Church family need comfort, peace, and strength in the loss of a loved one.

    • Eugene needs restoration and peace in God.