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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God…


 July 23-29  


WNOP Prayer Request:


  • Sydney, a young mother, has an inoperable tumor on her brain stem.
  • Leroy is in the hospital in a coma. He needs a miracle.
  • Thea, 19 years old, had a brain aneurysm and is scheduled for surgery.
  • Gerry had a stroke and is in ICU.
  • Joseph, a minister, is very sick and no doctor will see him because of his unusual health. Pray he is able to find a doctor to see and treat him.
  • Diane has ALS and is in critical condition and needs miraculous healing.


  • Grace, a young lady, had a stroke and is paralyzed on her left side.
  • Karisa, 5 years old, has a genetic bone disease. Currently her leg is broken. The doctor says there is a 20% chance of mending and will require a leg brace for life.
  • Rachellel had a car accident with serious injuries. She needs healing, a financial blessing, direction, and transportation to go home to her family.
  • Akeevia had surgery for an infection in his legs and hip. Also, pray he doesn’t need to have an amputation.
  • Linda has a reoccurring battle with shingles.
  • Josh, Connie, and Shannon need healing.
  • Jan is suffering from chronic pain in her lower back. Her husband is suffering from chronic pain from two hernias.
  • Lindsay has glaucoma and is going blind.
  • Leon had hip surgery.
  • Manfred needs divine healing for his liver. Also, he has pain in his body and arm.
  • Arturo has a cyst in his body.
  • Angie has uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Levi is very sick.
  • John has ALS.
  • Rachel is having heart problems.
  • Cleo needs healing for her shoulder that was injured after a bad fall.
  • Jim and Jean need strength and healing in their bodies.
  •  Paula needs healing.
  • Ghemonique is ill and needs complete healing.
  • Antionette has a lung condition and needs a miracle.


  • Jane has been diagnosed with cancer. Also, pray for her dad, Michael, for strength.
  • Leon has colon cancer and needs complete healing. Also, he needs to be baptized in Jesus Name and to receive the Holy Ghost.
  • Shirley’s husband has terminal cancer. Also, pray for Shirley for strength and peace.
  • Joanna is in the hospital battling cancer. She needs a miracle.
  • Lito, 62 years old, has a large cancerous liver mass and is scheduled for critical surgery.
  • Karen has recently been diagnosed with cancer in her kidneys and lungs.
  • Earl has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Esophageal was diagnosed with cancer in the esophagus about 10 years ago. Her organs are shutting down, her immune system is not functioning properly, and she weighs about 87 pounds. She needs a miracle.
  • James has cancer throughout his body.
  • Stacey has breast cancer.
  • Richard has esophagus cancer and has further testing this week.


  • Brandon, a 22 years old autistic man, needs deliverance from an alternative lifestyle. He needs salvation. Also, pray for his mother, Cardelia.
  • Harry is addicted to porn and desires to be set free.
  • Rick, an alcoholic, had surgery on his head. He needs deliverance and healing.
  • Jane has multiple mental illnesses and needs freedom in her mind.
  • Virgina needs deliverance.
  • Willie needs deliverance from worry and stress and needs peace and also physical healing.
  • Levi needs deliverance and restoration.


  • Connie, a prodigal, needs to be restored back to God.
  • Deidre, Merika, and Catherine are asking to be baptized. Pray the enemy will not stop them from following through.
  • Victor is going through a difficult time. He needs to be restored to God and he also needs direction.
  • Lauren, a 26 years old prodigal, is in a dangerous situation. She needs to be awakened, restored, and protected.
  • Darius, a prodigal, needs restoration and a job.


  • Pray for the salvation of all the young children and adults who will participate in the Greater Bible Way Temple Vacation Bible School in Jackson, Michigan.


  • Felicia is traveling to her brother’s home. Pray for a safe flight.
  • Paul needs protection and healing.


  • Sue has recently been won to the Lord. She is separated with a 1-year old child. Her mother has stage-4 cancer all over her body. Sue is overwhelmed trying to take care of her mother, maintain her job, raise her child, and pray and believe God to repair her marriage.
  • Shun and her husband need healing in their marriage.


  • Kimberly needs God to work out a serious financial situation. Also, she needs a financial miracle.
  • Jana has car issues and needs a financial and spiritual blessing.
  • Daniel, 72 years old, is homeless and needs a place to call home. Pray for a financial blessing.
  • Marvin’s monthly income has been reduced by 60% and this is causing some of his bills to go unpaid.
  • Brandon needs a salary increase on his job.
  • Frederick needs a job that is the will of God.

Special Request:

  • Alva needs strength, peace, direction, and favor with God and man. Also, she needs a financial blessing.
  • Neda has a special prayer request and needs a miracle.


  • Wes and Caroline, Evangelists, lost their son in a tragic car accident.