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WNOP Prayer List

December 11 – December 17, 2018


WNOP Prayer Requests


  • Malachi, a preacher’s son, was in a major auto accident.  He is in intensive care. Pray and believe for a great miracle so that he may be home with his family at Christmas.
  • Mindy, 47 years old, is on life support after she went into cardiac arrest. She needs a miracle healing.
  • Janie needs a miracle of healing and is currently in the hospital fighting to stay alive.


  • Bob had a serious car accident and is in the hospital. Pray for complete healing from his injuries and a very quick recovery.
  • Shiann,10 years old, has heart problems.
  • Clifford passed out and is in the hospital. He is a diabetic with high blood pressure.
  • Casandra & Meagan, twins, have retractable grandma seizures several times a day.  They need deliverance, protection, and complete healing.  Also, pray for their mother, Lou. She needs direction, guidance, wisdom, and strength.
  • Anthony had medical tests which detected an aneurysm in his chest. Pray that it is operable.
  • Connor, a prodigal, had a bad accident with hot water and needs a miracle. Also, pray he returns to Jesus.
  • Anita needs healing from a high fever, congestion, and stomach problems.
  • Rick had a stress test and needs two heart valves repaired.
  • Sonny is scheduled to have heart surgery. Pray for a successful surgery.
  • Christina has chronic pancreatitis.
  • Patricia had colon surgery and about 4 inches of her colon was removed. All the polyps could not be removed. Pray the tests are benign, for complete healing, and peace in her mind.
  • Betty has an upper respiratory infection and is on antibiotics.
  • Jane had a knee replacement surgery. Pray for a speedy and complete recovery. Also pray for strength, help, and peace.
  • Steve is in the hospital with pneumonia and internal bleeding.
  • Crystal is moving and is driving 1000 miles. She has seizures and needs healing. Also, pray for safe travels.
  • Pat is in the hospital and needs healing.
  • John had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Also, he and his wife, Johanna, need salvation.
  • Linda has bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection. Also, her blood pressure is running high and she is dizzy.
  • Amber’s blood pressure is high which causes ringing in her ears. Also, pray she turns her life over to Jesus.
  • Alexus, 4 years old, is sick with allergies and a sore throat.
  • Jane has sores and blisters in and on her lip.
  • Hughie fell and broke facial bones. He needs healing and salvation.
  • Lydia has dementia. Pray that God stimulates her brain to grow all new brain cells and her memory returns. Also, she has hearing problems.
  • Mary needs healing in her body. Pray that God makes her whole.
  • Robert’s legs are bothering him. Pray for complete healing.


  • Iva, a minister’s mother, had cancer surgery and waiting on the pathology report. Also, she is very nauseated. Pray for a good report and complete healing.
  • Jeffrey has a mass on his right side and is in severe pain. Medication seems to help the pain.
  • Gaylen had a CT scan to see if a small growth in her lung is growing or spreading. Pray for a good report.
  • Johnny has cancer.
  • Paul is scheduled for cancer surgery.
  • Amber was just diagnosed with stage 3 bone cancer.
  • Rosemary, 49 years old, was sent home from the hospital with cancer in her spine.
  • Reina, a young girl, has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Sheril has cancer. She gets sick each time she gets a transplant for cancer in her bones.


  • Gary needs restoration.
  • Sarah needs to return to the Lord.
  • Jason, a prodigal, needs to be restored to the Lord.
  • John needs a job where he can pay off his student loans and the IRS. Also, pray that God will give him self-confidence.
  • Pray that Meg’s heart will be receptive to the Lord and she attends church.  Also, pray that Meg’s boyfriend is receptive to the Lord.
  • Ron needs salvation, a place to live, and a job.
  • Diego needs to return to God and to be restored.
  • Angel needs salvation and protection. Also, she needs the will of God in her young life.
  • Justin needs salvation.


  • Jana, 12 years old, is battling depression and wants to die.
  • Jane and family are in a violent situation. Pray for deliverance and protection.
  • John and Ray need deliverance from addictions and need to fully come to God and serve Him.
  • Jennifer needs deliverance. Also, William needs strength and understanding.


  • Marilyn’s two young grandsons have been through difficult times in their lives. The 5-year old has been diagnosed with a split personality. Both boys need healing in their mind.
  • Jason and Samantha and their 4 children need prayer. They need a spiritual deliverance and a financial blessing.
  • Lynda’s family needs physical, mental, and spiritual healing. They also need help financially and financial blessings.
  • Lee is the 50% beneficiary in his dad’s will and has a difficult situation in which he needs God to intervene.
  • Ginger needs God’s help for her home loan.
  • Raphael and Anita need healing in their marriage.
  • William needs prayer for him and Jennifer.
  • Relda and family is trying to sell their home this month. Pray for a valid sale and clearance in the situation.


  • Pray that God gives Angela favor regarding her car insurance claim. She has damage to her car from hitting a deer.
  • Antoinette and family need to sell their home. Pray the buyer will submit an offer on the house that Antoinette will accept.
  • Linda has financial burdens and needs a financial blessing.

Special Request:

  • Sara was given a negative judgment in a serious case. She needs God to intervene and the truth is made known. Sara needs a miracle.
  • Ryan is a senior at a large university and has a very dire situation in which he needs God to intervene. He needs a miracle.
  • Howard completed his master’s in information technology. He desires God’s favor for success in the recruitment process.
  • Kendra is under much stress with college exams.
  • Pray that Earnest will make wise career decisions according to God’s timing and His will for his life.


  • Pray for Dan and family in the loss of their son. Also, pray that God will save the family.