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    WNOP Prayer List

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

    Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


    May 11 – May 18, 2021



    • Romana is unconscious and needs healing.
    • Gauriben is in ICU with COVID. Her lungs are infected.
    • David is incubated and in an induced coma. He needs a miracle.
    • Jared, a young man and son of a Pentecostal pastor, is in ICU with multiple system failure. He is on life support.
    • Mary is in ICU.  Please pray.
    • Ludester is in the hospital with COVID-19. The doctors think he’s also had a possible stroke.
    • Tyler is in ICU with COVID and pneumonia. He needs healing and salvation. Rene, his mom, needs peace and salvation.
    • Manny’s neighbor’s son was attacked by a dog and the child is in a coma.
    • Martyn, a minister, has suffered a severe brain bleed from a fall and as a result has no sight in his left eye and nor feeling or movement in his left arm and leg.
    • Sherald has pulmonary hypertension and is not doing well and needs a miracle.
    • Neris is scheduled for brain aneurysm surgery and needs a miracle.



    • Olivia, 28 days old was taken to the Emergency Room with an infection. She is being tested.
    • Ahmaad was in a horrific car accident in July 2019 that left him in a state of unconscious awareness. Pray for a miraculous healing of the brain and total rehabilitation.
    • Chris had a head-on collision. The physicians are concerned he may not walk again. He also has other damage in his body. Tara, his mother, needs emotional healing and strength.
    • Debbie has been in and out of the hospital for 6 months with COPD heart problems.
    • Sassy has kidney problems and is in much pain. Her son was bit by a tick, is swollen, and draining.
    • Matt has shingles and is in much pain.
    • Heidi had an allergic reaction to the COVID vaccine. She is very fearful and needs healing.
    • Sabrina is scheduled for back surgery to put a rod in her spine and to drain her spinal cord. Pray for a quick recovery.
    • Renato needs prayer for his health. The doctors are unable to help him.
    • Philip has had diabetes for 28 years and he can’t get it stabilized. He needs prayer for his soul and body.
    • Paul is scheduled for heart surgery to replace one or possibly two valves. Pray the surgery is 100 % successful.
    • Lorena has carpal tunnel. She also needs direction from God for 3 situations.
    • Betty, Denise, Jamey, Maidi, and Shirley have heart problems.
    • Corrain, Nancy, and Lynn has severe arthritis.
    • Shirley has severe trigeminal.
    • Joy, Colleen, and Josee has nerve pain.
    • Elaine’s mother is suffering from an autoimmune disease and has many health issues. She is scheduled for surgery. Pray for healing and a quick recovery.
    • Simon has pressure on the right side of his head, dizzy, and has failing health.
    • Nancy is in the hospital with her white blood cells elevated. The physicians are running medical tests. Pray all tests are negative.
    • Martha has serious stomach problems.
    • Betty broke bones in her leg.
    • Jen and Crystal need mental and emotional healing. They need healing from trauma, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Also, Crystal needs a good job.
    • Rolly has tuberculosis and cannot breathe properly.
    • Kody, Nancy, and Precious has mental illness.
    • Merline has pain in her neck, right hand, and right leg.
    • Joseph needs physical healing. He also needs finances for revivals.
    • Pray for Kasey’s relationship, her healing, and her spouse’s mental health.
    • Pray for McKaylah’s mental health, healing, and relationship.
    • Alice needs healing and deliverance.
    • Dudley needs healing for pain in his back.
    • Tommy, a minister, has a slight heart attack, and needs healing.
    • Gordon, a minister, needs a miracle regarding his gallbladder and the potential spreading of cancer to the other parts of His body.
    • Will needs healing in family relationships and emotional and physical healing.
    • Monique has auto immune disease.
    • Jimmy and Al have Parkinson’s disease and need complete healing.
    • Sherry has swelling in her feet from surgery and needs a miracle.
    • Paul has heart a condition and other medical problems.
    • James needs healing for continual back pain.
    • Ric had surgery and needs a speedy recovery.
    • Carl, a minister, has been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to the bones and he needs healing.
    • Jean needs continual healing for her allergies, feet and eyes.
    • Edwin has multiple health problems.
    • Jade and Cle need emotional healing and deliverance from depression.
    • Gerald had COVID. He’s over the virus but is on oxygen full time as the virus affected his lungs.
    • Marsha, Jan, Connie, and Paulette & family have COVID-19.
    • David, Gabor, Sue, Peter, Jill, David, Dick, Ross, Jose, and Terry have COVID-19.
    • Chaney’s has a sinus infection.
    • Lisa has severe RA.
    • Phillip’s mother need strength in her body.
    • Arbuckle needs healing from headaches, allergies and sinus issues.
    • Sid needs protection during his hip surgery and would like a speedy recovery afterwards.
    • Anne-Marie needs healing of the glaucoma in her eye.
    • Celski and her husband need healing, miracles, spiritual strength, and salvation for her family.
    • Anne-Marie needs healing of the glaucoma in her eye.
    • Lynn has breast cancer and needs prayer for healing and for her husband’s salvation.
    • Joela is in hospice and needs prayer.
    • Naul has bone marrow cancer and needs healing.
    • Eliza Fitzgerald needs healing from shingles.
    • Phillis is very sick and needs prayer.



    • Terry has Prostate cancer ad is having chemo treatments.
    • Jose has cancer.
    • Rachel has cancer in her body. She had surgery but needs God’s healing touch.
    • Margaret, Emily, Jill, Romi, Kathy, Martin, and Sonny have cancer.
    • Nicole’s husband has cancer. Nicole and husband need strength, direction, and a financial blessing. They have six children.
    • Carl, a minister, has been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to the bones and he needs healing.



    • Racquel, Stacy, Juliet, Oneil, Owen, Sandra and family needs to develop a hunger for the Holy Ghost.
    • Florence needs salvation and healing.
    • Anthony needs restoration of body, soul, and spirit. He desires the will of God in his life. He needs healed from a brain injury and trauma.
    • Deonte, Elaine, Yolanda, Tiffany, Erica, Charles, Maro, Julian, Siany, Aubree, Kailyna, Rickey, Chase, Ethan, Elijah, Shanna, Renee, Tonya, Derrick, and their families need the Holy Ghost. Also, pray they stay safe from COVID.
    • Nathan, raised in an Apostolic home with Christian values, has hatred in his heart towards God and hates Christianity. Pray that God has mercy on him, open his blinded eyes, brings him to repentance, fills him with the Holy Ghost, and he is baptized in Jesus Name. He also needs emotional healing from childhood hurts and scars.
    • Alyssa, Kelly, Gayle, Marquia, and Carvet need salvation.
    • Lee, a prodigal, needs restoration to God. Pray for all God’s prodigals to return to God.
    • Pray for restoration and protection for all individuals that have not been to church since the pandemic began.
    • Penny, Ryan, Jesse, Samantha, and Steve need salvation.
    • Logendran needs to seek the face of God.
    • Merline’s children and family need salvation.
    • Israel, Melinda, Shannon, Giles, Josiah, Daylina, Brian, Kumar, Jessie, and Jason need salvation.
    • Leonard, Deven, Dustin, Destinee, Dillon, Hal, Malorie, Stephanie, Madison, Rowan, and Precious need salvation.
    • Michael and family need salvation.
    • Sueeta needs peace of mind and soul. She also needs strength and forgiveness.



    • Pray for the Community of Lutselk’e (“Snowdrift”) in English. The spirit of suicide is very strong. There’s a lot of drugs, alcohol, and hurting people.
    • Taylon needs deliverance from an addiction to pornography and perversion. He needs salvation.
    • Joyce’s daughter and Mike need deliverance from alcohol addiction.
    • Shelby, a young mom, is dealing with post-partum and struggling with addictions. She needs deliverance.
    • Kathy, Sylvia, Kathy, Carol Ann, Destinee, and Jack need deliverance from anxiety.
    • Levi is a prodigal and needs restoration. Pray for safety as he travels abroad.
    • Derek needs deliverance and salvation.
    • Tony desires the Lord to restore him.



    • John needs protection and to move to a new area or home to his farm.
    • David’s friend is going through a very difficult time. She went through a serious trauma and is likely to go numb and isolate herself. She needs God’s protection and comfort through this time.
    • Ulysses, 24 years old, in in the U.S. Army in a Foreign Country. Pray for God’s favor and protection.
    • Sujatha needs deliverance and protection. Her husband needs emotional and mental healing.
    • Jhun is scheduled to take the COVID vaccine.  Pray for protection.
    • Pat needs protection and God’s guidance in a situation.
    • Fred needs direction and protection.



    • Pray for a building for a church plant in Taunton, MA.
    • Pray for the online expository preaching academy for Africa on April 26 through May 6 and Brazil on May 10 through May 21.
    • Pray for the persecuted Christians around the world.
    • Pray for individuals that are starving for food and the gospel.



    • Marcia desires a job as a Physiotherapist and/or an Occupation Therapist Assistant. She desires to work full time for days or evening duty.
    • Olivia needs a financial blessing to pay her student loans.
    • Glenda needs favor with God and man. She needs her job to move nearer to her home or for her to get a job closer to home.
    • Alicia needs a financial blessing. She needs surgery and has 5 small children.
    • Genesis is a homeless pregnant mother with children, who is financially challenged. She does not know how long she will have her job.  She needs a home and job.



    • Baptiste needs a miracle in his marriage and delivered from smoking. Also, his loved ones need salvation.
    • Kevin, Olive, Chris ad their families need Advocacy and appropriate placement.
    • Paul and family need strength and courage.
    • Pray that parents recognize the painful consequences of choosing to abort their baby. Pray they find compassion and forgiveness that only Jesus Christ offers. Pray against abortion.
    • Tommy’s grandson and family need peace and harmony. His niece turned away from God and needs protection.
    • Patrick and Bridgette need healing.
    • Lisa and her parents need healing.
    • Rachel and Gina, mother and daughter, need prayer for their relationship.
    • Tamara and her husband need healing in their marriage.
    • Tiffany and husband need healing in their marriage. The husband needs deliverance from addiction.



    • Dashawn, a young minister, is under attack because he’s voiced his opinion about sodomy, and as a result the school he attends is planning to have a protest march against him.
    • David, a young man who is new to the Lord, needs the Lord to keep him and guide him.
    • Sue desire prayer for the Lord to bind the strong forces of pornography that is moving through the East and North End of Fall River also prayer for the Lord to bring businesses to Fall River.
    • Pray God’s kingdom come and His will be done in earth as it is in Heaven and His purpose be fulfilled in the UPCI Church Body.
    • Pastors and ministers and their families who are suffering and hurting during this season of uncertainty and of the effects of Covid-19 need special prayer.
    • America and the President and his administration need prayer.
    • Robert has an important unspoken request.
    • Dixon, White, and families need God’s grace, mercy, and compassion during these challenging times.
    • Marcus needs focus and strength.
    • Kimberly needs strength, finances, healing, and focus.
    • Joseph is going through a great trial. Pray for strength and that he overcomes.
    • ChazLyn and Angelle need peace and forgiveness when meeting their father’s murderer.
    • David has a special need and needs salvation and deliverance.
    • Angel has marital problems.
    • Noah needs spiritual healing, direction and protection from spiritual deception.
    • Cleo needs direction as her and her husband relocates.
    • Sha has a great health risk in her pregnancy.
    • Philip needs to sell his car, and needs for guidance in ending his relationship with his girlfriend. He also needs salvation.
    • The Arekina’s family need help through their challenging season.
    • Jamie needs deliverance from trouble.
    • Shelly wants the best outcome in the sale of her father’s property. She desires for an end to corruption in the city of Detroit.
    • Virginia has a special a special unspoken request.
    • The Lutselk’e community need healing and an end to all of the alcohol and drug abuse. The youth need protection and all hurting souls need healing.
    • Neil needs help to keep his new job and he also desires that the Lord would draw and lead him to salvation.
    • Nick needs continual help walking through recovery and he also would like to draw closer to God.
    • Trica needs prayer.
    • Philip needs to sell his car, and needs for guidance in ending his relationship with his girlfriend. He also needs salvation.
    • A teenager tried to commit suicide needs prayer.
    • Bianca needs strength and direction from God. She believes her husband has been unfaithful and she is being challenged with her walk with God.  Pray for her restoration.



    • Destiny needs help through the challenging times of losing her sister who was murdered. She desires that her relationship with God would be restored.
    • Family members and loved ones at the Eureka, CA Church needs comfort in the passing away of a member named Dennis, due to Covid-19.
    • All families and friends need comfort who loss a loved one(s) due to COVID-19 and for other reasons.
    • Former President Trump needs prayer for a spiritual conversion and his well-being.
    • Kevin, Andrew & children, the children’s mother, and Susan needs comfort. A father/son/husband passed away. Pray that Andrew’s job hours are reduced to 40 hours and he is positioned in the right job & right pay. They all need salvation. Susan needs healing in her body, soul, and spirit.
    • Indran needs comfort of the Holy Ghost for the passing of his mother.