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WNOP Prayer List

November 6-13, 2018

·         Henleigh, 2 weeks old, was born with a heart murmur.  She is now in critical condition with
RVS and possible meningitis.
·         Asia, young mother of three children, has a brain tumor.  The doctors give no hope.
·         Salena had a bad accident and was life flighted to the hospital.  She needs a miracle.
·         Sherry is on life support with her lung full of fluid due to a virus.  Pray for a full recovery.
·         Karen has heart problems and is facing surgery if things don’t get better.
·         Peter is scheduled for surgery on his left knee.  Pray the surgery is successful.
·         Frances has not felt well in six months.  She also struggles with depression and anxiety.
·         Patricia is in the hospital after suffering a stroke on her left side.
·         Helen, 81 years old, needs healing after a major arterial surgery.  She also needs salvation.
·         Maritza has been diagnosed with a kidney condition causing 31 percent capacity of its function.
·         Olga, 87 years old, has problems with her heart going into AFIB.
·         Kathy, an elderly lady, has leg wounds that won’t heal.  She also needs salvation.
·         Betty, 83 years old, fell and hit her ribs.  She is in severe pain.  Also, her health is failing.
·         Steph has possible lupus.
·         Austin has ankylosis and Crohn’s disease.
·         Lon had a heart attack and has congestive heart failure.
·         Charles is dying and needs God’s grace.
·         Lorena needs healing in her body and mind.
·         Shelley’s mom has leukemia and has been given no hope to recover.
·         Barry is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor.
·         Erika, a young mother has breast cancer that has metastasized to her brain and lymph nodes.
·         Robbie has prostate cancer.
·         Ginger was diagnosed with cancer.
·         Constancia’s mom was diagnosed with stage-four colorectal cancer.
·         Katie, a young mother of three children, is suffering from cancer.
·         Joni Owens, long-time UPCI employee, has cancer and needs a miracle. Doctors give no hope.
·         Brandon desires to know God’s voice with clarity.
·         Dell needs the Holy Ghost.
·         Pray that God makes a way for Rosa to be baptized and she receives the Holy Ghost.
·         Adolf and family need salvation.
·         Anthony and Isaiah need to be filled with the Holy Ghost.
·         Wendy is in prison.  She needs salvation.
·         Tony and Thomas need salvation.
·         Meranda, Marshall, and Lance need salvation.
·         Jonathan, Ray, and Jason need salvation.
·         Paul needs deliverance from sin, alcohol, and gambling.
·         Peter needs deliverance from addictions and anger.
·         Frances needs deliverance from drugs.
·         Michael needs deliverance from drugs, alcohol and nicotine.
·         John needs deliverance from immorality.
·         Shirley needs deliverance from severe depression.  Also, she needs God’s wisdom and direction.
·         Spencer desperately needs deliverance from drugs and the sins of this world.  He is a prodigal.
·         Shelli and family need a miracle.
·         Elizabeth and family need a miracle in their midst.
·         Chris and family needs God to intervene.
·         Pray for Anaia, 9 years old, who needs protection.
·         Rebecca needs God’s protection, healing, and deliverance from things of the past and present.
·         Pray for the Burk family at the passing of Bev Burk, long-time UPCI employee and former
·         Ben is preaching in a denominational church in the Bahamas for the next 2 ½ weeks.
·         Janice needs direction about a new career opportunity.  She also has a financial need.
·         Wayne had a job interview. He has been out of work since April.
·         Reynaldo had a car accident on the job and the company is asking him to pay for the damage.
·         Allen, Magana, and Scott need jobs.
·         Kathy is burdened with financial issues.
·         Miriam has an urgent situation on her job.
·         Cindy needs a financial miracle.
·         John and Sylvia have a financial need.
Special Request:
·         Pray for peace of Jerusalem, our president, our leaders, and governments in cities and states.
·         Pray for America and the election in November.
·         Kathi desperately needs God’s wisdom and direction.
·         Pray that God gives Heather strength of mind and peace.
·         Pray that God meets a very special need for Debi.
·         Pray for Joel as he buys a house for the first time.
·         Sharon takes care of an elderly couple seven days a week and needs prayer for strength.
Praise Report:
·         Wayne went to court and everything was dropped and dismissed.
·         Becky went into early labor.  There were no complications, no problems, and no health issues.
She and her new son are healthy.