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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


September 17-23, 2019


WNOP Prayer Requests


  • Linda, was admitted into the hospital with a brain aneurysm. Pray for healing and salvation.
  • Todd is on life support.
  • Debbie was in a motorcycle accident and was airlifted to the hospital.
  • Jeremy, a paraplegic, had to have both legs amputated. He has a serious infection and high fever. Jeremy needs a miracle. Also, pray for his mother, sister, and family.
  • John was rushed to the hospital needing surgery. The doctor is telling the family that “it’s in God’s hands.”
  • Lavon had a tree fall on him and he has been life flighted to the hospital.
  • Ensley, 11-months old, is in the hospital fighting neuroblastoma. She is scheduled for several major scansAlso pray for the parents, David and Alicia.
  • Jeff has a rare form of brain cancer; he is the father to to young children. The doctors do not give much hope.
  • Rodger overdosed and is not responsive. He is on a ventilator and has gone into cardiac arrest.
  • David, a minister, needs healing. He has been diagnosed with cancer. He needs a miracle. He is a precious man and is a tremendous part of the Kingdom of God.


  • Shelly is expecting a baby and the doctors did not detect a heartbeat. Pray that God intervenes and restores the heartbeat of her unborn child.
  • Joseph is very sick and his doctor is going to stop seeing him. Pray that he can find another doctor that will see him. Also, his wife has health problems and needs healing.
  • James, a young boy, is struggling to breathe but the doctors cannot find out what is wrong. Also, pray the family comes back to church.
  • Candance has Cerebral Palsy and is in the hospital with seizures.
  • Annalyn has type 1 diabetes, low blood count, low pressure, low protein, and an enlarged spleen in her stomach that is not operable. Also, she has swelling in both legs and is on dialysis.
  • Gary has a bad head injury.
  • Bobby has heart and blood pressure concerns where his heart is watched constantly.
  • Felcy is expecting a baby and is in the hospital with many complications.
  • Keven is scheduled for a serious ear surgery.
  • Colbie, 16 months old, sprained her ankle.
  • Kyson, 16 months old, is scheduled to have tubes put in his ears for testing. Also, pray for his mother for stress.
  • Jane has fallen a few times and may be scheduled for a brain scan.
  • Bobo, pastor, fell off a ladder. Also, pray for his unsaved children.
  • Sandra is scheduled to have a test run on her colon.
  • Charlotte faints on occasions.
  • Billie has back and leg problems.
  • Tammy has allergy problems. Also, pray for her job.
  • Felicia needs a less stressful job. Also, she needs complete healing.
  • Brian has serious pain from bulging & herniated discs and severe neuropathy but is not a candidate for surgery. Also, pray that God draws him back into the right relationship with Him.
  • Rob’s mother had her right leg amputated due to infection in her toes/foot and poor circulation.
  • Ron has an internal infection and pain.
  • Santiago was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. He has fluid in his lungs and trouble breathing.  Also, he needs salvation.
  • Veronica has MCTD with inflammation, pain in her joints, arthritis, numbness in mouth and face, HBP, fatty liver, etc.
  • Elva fell and broke her hip.
  • Joe needs a healing touch in his body and a good report from the doctor.
  • Helen needs a healing from a mini stroke.
  • Lorena needs healing from a painful swollen ankle and work-related stress that is causing health issues.
  • Fred needs complete healing and restoration. Also, pray for comfort over the passing of his wife.
  • Chelsea was born with stretch weber and is having seizures. She is on medication but is losing much weight. Pray for healing, comfort, and peace for Chelsea and her mother, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Also, she is a prodigal and needs to return to God.
  • Gregg needs prayer for healing and restoration on his back.
  • John has ALS.
  • Roger has brain damage and is unresponsive.
  • Rodney has kidney disease and is on dialysis.
  • Ann broke her finger.
  • Evonne is very sick and needs a healing.
  • Cameron has severe kidney problems and needs a touch.
  • Tanya has a few heart problems and needs healing and strength.
  • Willie has a fracture and needs healing.
  • Jim and Jean need a touch of healing in their bodies.


  • David, pastor, has a rare form for bladder cancer.
  • Nathan, pastor, has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and needs a miracle.
  • John is in severe pain with possible pancreatic cancer.
  • Thaun has ovarian cancer and is starting chemo.
  • Jordan’s grandfather may have lung cancer. Also, he has had a possible stroke.
  • Kelly has stage-4 sarcoma cancer.
  • Lynn has breast cancer.
  • Alan has stage-4 untreatable cancer in his lung.
  • Frank needs a miracle of healing from cancer.
  • Angela’s mother has a tumor in her heart.
  • Levi has cancer and is not responding to treatments.


  • Ginger is living on the streets addicted to drugs and in prostitution.  She needs deliverance, salvation, and healing in her body.
  • Heide and Ingrid both need salvation and for the Lord to work things out for them in their lives and families.
  • Pray for “Larry” who has a disabled wife.  Also, they need salvation.
  • James needs understanding of the truth and filling of the Holy Ghost.
  • Linda was delivered from many sins and strongholds.  Pray she receives the Holy Ghost.


  • Both Paul and George need deliverance from lust.  Also, pray their love is rekindled to their wife and they stay faithful.  Also, they need salvation.
  • Jesse and Sierra need deliverance from drug addiction.  Also, they need salvation.  Pray that God protects their 1-year old daughter.
  • David needs deliverance from lust and returns back to God with his whole heart.
  • Jonathan needs healing and deliverance from addictions and a refilling and restoration of the Holy Ghost.
  • Victoria needs deliverance from fear.


  • Pray that Ben, Cynthia, Nathan, Rishon, and Justin are renewed in Christ’s love. Also, pray the boys are changed to be more like Him.
  • Irma and family need healing physically and emotionally. Also, they need deliverance, salvation, peace, and joy.
  • Stacey and family need unity, peace of mind, and prayer for their finances & ministry.
  • Susan is trying to get custody of her grandbaby who is currently in the states care.
  • Angie’s family is going through a hard time and needs prayer.
  • Virginas family has hit hard times and needs God to intervene.


  • Ian and family are losing the rental house they have lived in for 7 years and have no place to live.
  • Cathy,widow, is a single parent. Pray her household receives everything God has for them.
  • Mackenzie had a good job but got sick and the employment let her go. Mackenzie needs to have a good job soon.
  • Winnie’s daughter lost her job.  he has to work to support her 3 boys. She needs a good job as soon as possible.
  • Nancy has a situation on her job where her promotion and pay raise was taken from her.  Pray that God intervenes and His will be done.
  • Phillips job is going on strike and he supports his family of four completely.


  • Sandy desires to be used in her professional career. Pray that God protects her household and son. Also, she and her family need salvation.
  • Leonidas has a family situation in which he fears may cost him his life.
  • Jesus is going to a training. Pray for safety and wisdom. Also, he needs salvation and a desire to know God.
  • Levi needs protection and restoration.
  • Jeff needs deliverance and restoration.


  • Mark is traveling to a revival. Pray for a safe trip and many to be filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in the name of Jesus.
  • New Life Tabernacle in Jacksonville, Florida needs prayer for revival.

Special Request:

  • Kendra needs a good friend. Also, pray that God blesses her with peace and comfort.
  • Kim has a special need.


  • Alexis’ dad passed away. She and family needs God’s comfort.