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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


 March 31 – April 6, 2020


  • Hospitals do not have enough ventilators to help people who have the coronavirus.  Also, pray that God stops the virus and heals the world.
  • Joseph, 46 years old, is in the hospital fighting the COVID-19 virus.
  • Dave is in the hospital with the coronavirus.  He is sedated and on a ventilator.  He also has other health issues.
  • Peggy is in ICU and needs a miracle.
  • Vole has Cerebral Palsy and is losing his battle.  Also, pray for Vole’s mother and family.
  • Bryan is in ICU.  Also, pray for his mom.


  • Debbie has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.
  • Deon has a family of 6 and needs a job.  His wife has symptoms of COVID-19.  The family is in quarantine.
  • Dave is in the hospital on a ventilator with the coronavirus.  He also has other health issues.
  • Robert, 90 years old, is in the hospital with pneumonia.  He is being tested for the coronavirus.
  • Ray has emphysema.  The doctors are unable to help him.
  • Kathy and her daughter need physical and emotional healing.  They are victims of domestic violence.  Pray for righteousness and the perfect will of God in this situation.
  • Nigel is in the hospital and not doing well.
  • Harper is running a very high fever.
  • Isaiah has physical problems that may require surgery.
  • Gwen has health issues and needs God to intervene.
  • Edmund’s step-father has diabetes.  He needs healing, a spiritual breakthrough, and deliverance.
  • “Sam”, a former pastor, is in the hospital in severe pain with a hernia and facing possible surgery.
  • Hugh had heart surgery.  His heart rate is too fast and his blood pressure is too low.
  • Shannon’s mom is I the hospital with heart problems.
  • Eduardo is in the hospital with an infection and may need a second surgery.
  • Jenny is in severe pain and needs healing.
  • Amberly needs healing in her body.  Also, she has a special need for God to intervene.
  • Judy has problems with her legs.
  • Shawn needs a miracle healing and deliverance.
  • Christopher has heart disease.
  • Jenny has problems with her kidneys.
  • Edmond’s brother has tonsillitis and a cough.
  • Jacqueline is very ill and needs healing.
  • Kayleigh needs healing.
  • Merly has a pulmonary mass and needs a healing.
  • Chris has heart disease and needs salvation.
  • Kayliegh has developmental delays and needs healing.
  • Wanda is in the hospital on a ventilator.


  • Rick has cancer.  Also, he needs salvation.
  • Jean is being tested for leukemia.
  • Katy has cancer and also has a high fever.
  • “John” is in the hospital with colon cancer.  Also, the doctors have found in his brain.
  • Kim has an aggressive leukemia.  She has many physical situations against her.  Also, she needs a complete match to her DNA to donate bone marrow.  She needs healing and salvation.


  • Jeremy, a prodigal, wants to end his life.  He needs salvation, hope, peace, and redemption.
  • Christopher, Kayleigh, Natasha need salvation.
  • Lois, Anthony, Lauren, and Jill need a revelation of the full truth.
  • Tony desires to have a hunger for a fellowship with the Lord.
  • Dawn’s family need salvation.  Also, Dawn needs a good job.
  • Todd needs salvation.  Also, he is in stage 1 of heart failure and kidney failure.
  • Grey needs a spiritual renewal.
  • “John”, a prodigal, needs to return to God.


  • Shirley needs deliverance from depression.  She desires to be a vessel that God can use.
  • Laura, 12 years old, needs deliverance from anger.  She needs internal peace, a spirit of obedience, and a respect for her elders.
  • Natasha needs deliverance from bitterness and abusing prescription medications.


  • Cynthia works in the Emergency Department at the Hospital where COVID-19 patients have been admitted.  Pray for the protection of all doctors, nurses, hospital/doctor office personnel, ambulance drivers, fire fighters, etc. who are on the front lines regarding the coronavirus.
  • Spencer is studying abroad at a college.  The school was canceled but he cannot go home.  Pray that God keeps him safe and saves him.  Also, pray for the family for peace and strength.
  • Pray that God protects and ministers to Tony’s family and Patti.  Pray that they are drawn into a relationship with God.
  • Kim & family and Wayne need protection against the coronavirus.
  • Felicia, a doctor, sees many patients and has no mask to wear.  Pray that God protects her from the COVID-19 virus.


  • Pray for a coast-to-coast revival of prayer and unity.
  • Rajan, pastor, and members are reaching for the underprivileged community with the Gospel and charity in remote areas.  Pray that God removes obstacles against evangelism.  Also, they need a vehicle for the outreach team.


  • Vicki and her husband need healing in their marriage.
  • Mary and family need healing.  Also, they need God to intervene in a serious situation.
  • Violet has a small daughter.  Pray Violet makes time to spend with her daughter.
  • Chana, husband, and family need healing.  Also, they need salvation.


  • Pray for the economy of America.
  • Edmund needs a financial blessing to support his family in the basic needs and to pay his debts.  Also, he needs protection for his job and good health.
  • Lauri has five houses that are shut down.  There are about 30 people with no food because of the virus.
  • “Jane” is engaged to be married and she needs deliverance from impulsive spending.

Special Request:

  • Pray for New York, California, Texas, and all States across America.  Every State in America is battling the coronavirus.  Also, pray that God uses this pandemic to draw His people nearer to Him.
  • Ron was in an accident and the insurance does not want to settle.
  • Shirley desires for her prayers to reach Jesus.
  • Karen is a healthcare worker and needs a special protection as she works with COVID-19 patients.


  • Allen’s sister passed away suddenly.  Allen and family needs God’s comfort and direction.
  • Leslie needs recovery and comfort.

Praise Report:

  • Donnie had a stroke and he pulled through.  Thank you for praying.