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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


 January 14 – January 20,  2020



  • Jana suffered a heart attack and is in the hospital. Now she has pneumonia and her kidneys are trying to shut down. Also, pray for Jana’s family and Marian.
  • Charlie, a newborn baby, was born at 29 weeks and has several very serious conditions. He needs a miracle.
  • Charles, baby, was born with many problems including a hole in the lining of his heart and fluid retention. The doctors doesn’t give him long to live.
  • Ferryn is in the hospital with organ failure and other medical complications. pray for a miracle.
  • Makayla, a 9 year old, suddenly could not walk, and is very ill and was life-flighted overseas.


  • Spencer, 13 years old, needs a miraculous healing in his liver or a transplant.
  • Frank was working on a hand saw and he cut his hand through bones and arteries.
  • Rusty and Scotty were in a car accident and in much pain.
  • Richard has mental illness and chronic illness. He’s in a state of depression since the passing of his mother. Also, he needs to be restored back to God.
  • O.H. is scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor from his rib cage.
  • Gordon has severe mental illness.
  • Jesse, 4 months old, has the flu.
  • Mary has a large blood clot in her leg.
  • Michael has diabetes and neuropathy and needs healing. Also, he needs financial provision since he is unable to work.
  • Helen has vascular disease in her right leg. Pray her sores will heal so she won’t need to have her leg amputated.
  • Victoria, an elderly, lady is in the hospital with pneumonia. Also, she has swelling and is retaining water which is heart related.
  • Gina is facing a possible leg amputation.
  • John needs a possible stent in his heart.
  • Linda has a sore throat and pain in her ear. She has been sick for 3 weeks.
  • Kristina, 9 years old, has the flu.
  • Nate and family have sickness.
  • Anthony needs healing from sickness and disease.
  • Linda’s Kidneys are shutting down.
  • Susan has MRSA and needs a healing.
  • David is down in his health and needs strength.
  • Roger had some blood test done this week and needs good results.
  • Tami had knee surgery and needs a quick recovery.
  • Jim is in the hospital and had surgery. Pray for a speedy recovery.
  •  Willie needs good health.
  • Marsha needs healing for pain in her body.
  • Blake needs healing.
  • Carl needs a speeding recovery from surgery.
  • Jean needs a healing touch and peace of mind.


  • John needs healing from cancer. Also, he is not able to work and needs a financial blessing.
  • Denise is battling lupus with depression and financial hardship.
  • Syed has cancer. He needs healing and salvation.
  • Loma is scheduled for a biopsy on her thyroid.
  • Nancy has a brain tumor and is in the last stages. Also, she needs salvation.
  • John needs complete healing from cancer.
  • Greg has cancer and needs healing.
  • Tina has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.


  • Ashley needs salvation.
  • Bethany is running from the Lord and seeking alternate measures. She is in a critical decision process.
  • Paul needs a personal relationship with the Lord.
  • Allan is incarcerated and needs salvation.
  • BW needs salvation.


  • Joni needs deliverance from alcohol, anger, and selfishness.  Also, she needs healing in her marriage.
  • Holden needs deliverance from drugs. Also, he needs salvation.
  • Mark needs deliverance from alcohol.
  • Susan’s son needs miraculous deliverance from heroin and fentanyl. Also, pray for Susan for strength and peace.
  • Bret needs deliverance from drugs.
  • Jade and lily needs deliverance from depression and despair.
  • Levi needs deliverance and restoration.


  • Spencer is traveling abroad to study.  Pray for his safety and also for him to find a good church while he is there.


  • Kevin needs to be employed very soon.
  • Pray that Cynthia has a smooth transition with calmness and guidance as the team she works with transitions into another department.
  • Daniel, 73 years old, is homeless. He needs financial provision, strength, and guidance.
  • Cindy needs a financial miracle. Also, she needs an answer.


  • Jhun and Jennifer need healing in their marriage.
  • Pam needs a miracle in a very difficult situation. Also, she needs strength, wisdom, and direction.
  • Tony is going through difficult trials. Also, Tony and his family need salvation.
  • Pray for Anthony, Jovannah, Lauren, and Amber. Anthony is a single parent. Jovannah and Lauren have been diagnosed bipolar schizophrenic.
  • Jake’s family needs prayer.

Special Request:

  • Richard is scheduled for a court hearing. Pray for the will of God.
  • Del needs emergency prayer.
  • George needs safety and protection while traveling from abroad back home.
  • James needs direction, a spiritual renewal, and a job.
  • Pearl needs healing and has multiple needs.


  • Joanne’s sister passed away unexpectantly. Pray for Joanne and all the family.
  • Crew, 3 months old, passed away.  The family needs prayer for strength and comfort.
  • Erica lost her baby and needs comfort and strength.