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WNOP Prayer List

October 23-30, 2018

·         Lisa has been given only a few days to live.
·         Braven, 7 days old, was born seven weeks early.  He has had a blood infection and is on a ventilator.
·         Stephen, a special needs child, is very sick and hospitalized.  Please pray also for his parents.
·         Jarrod has a mass on his brain and scheduled for surgery.
·         Allyson has blockage in her heart.
·         Henry can no longer walk and the doctors do not know what is wrong.
·         Paula needs healing in her body.
·         Guy had surgery to remove a tumor on his brain.
·         Alice has pulmonary fibrosis.
·         Deacon, seven months old, is having an allergic reaction to a shot.
·         John has a skin condition.  He also needs salvation.
·         John has ALS and is having complications.  He may have a blood clot.
·         Tanya has a blood clot.
·         David is having complications with diabetes.
·         Andrea, 21 years old, is in severe pain in her body.
·         Marilyn has severe diabetes and is having both legs amputated.
·         Bernice needs physical healing for multiple health issues.
·         Greg, a minister, has a severe virus.
·         Rose has RA and is in constant pain.
·         Lavern is recovering from hip surgery and is in pain.
·         Bobby is scheduled for surgery.  Also, he needs a move of God in his life.
·         Alva was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.
·         Elinda has palpitation and mild mitral valve prolapse.
·         Blake, 18 years old, is low functioning and highly autistic.
·         Becky went into early labor.  Pray for a healthy baby and safe delivery.
·         Adrianna has been diagnosed with Intraductal Papilloma and scheduled for another procedure.
·         Kevin had surgery.  Pray that the surgery was successful.
·         Diana has possible dementia.
·         Amber is in Rehab.  Pray for healing.  Also, she goes to court.  Pray for the will of God.
·         Merline has pain n the right side of her chest, right eye, and neck.
·         James is bleeding and has pain in his back and legs.
·         Heather has bulging discs and in severe pain.  Also, she has numbness in her arm and face.
·         Aaron has been in the hospital over two weeks with pneumonia.
·         Joan is suffering from breast cancer and the doctors have given her days to live.
·         Lynn has stage 4 cervical cancer.  She is fighting for her life and believing for a miracle.
·         Pray that Steve’s test for stomach cancer comes back negative.
·         Judy has ovarian cancer.
·         Latrese has a mass in her stomach.
·         Mabel has cancer and has been given three months to live.
·         Melissa has cancer and is in hospice.  She is in severe pain.
·         Mike has cancer and is hospitalized.
·         Pray that Geneva’s PSA test is normal and there is no sign of cancer.
·         “John” has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has metastasized.  He needs a miracle.
·         Jerry has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Ron is scheduled for surgery for lung cancer.
·         Nadine has stage four cancer that has spread to the lungs.  She and her family has been baptized but need the Holy Ghost.  Pray for healing and salvation.
·         Holly needs healing for possible cancer.  Also, she needs salvation.
·         Raymundo has been diagnosed with cancer.
·         Abel, with 4 small children, is diagnosed with leukemia.
·         Juanita has multi myeloma and a tumor behind her eye.
·         Leopold has been battling prostate cancer and it has spread to his ribs.  Also, he needs salvation.
·         Jason has stomach cancer.
·         Sonia has been diagnosed with cancer and is scheduled to see a chemo specialist.
·         Pray that God opens Jane’s heart and eyes to see that sin is wrong.
·         Pray for salvation on Mary’s household.
·         Veronique, Rosemarie, Dave, and Christopher need salvation.
·         Myrtis desires salvation for her daughter and son.
·         Jerrel, John, Debra, Judy, Danette, Delaina, Daniel, Madison, Johnson, and Greg need salvation.
·         Tim needs deliverance from drugs.
·         Levi, a young man, is having problems getting along with people.
·         Jamie needs deliverance from drugs.
·         Dan needs deliverance from anger.
·         Christopher needs deliverance from tormenting fear that manifests as social anxiety.
·         Jonathan needs deliverance from drug addiction and anger problems. Also, he needs salvation.
·         Henry needs a dependable car.
·         Shelley needs healing in her marriage.
·         Richard needs healing in his marriage.
·         Faith, her mother, and sister need emotional healing and surrounded by love.
·         Marie and family needs God’s protection, His favor, wisdom, and guidance.  Also, they have needs.
·         Valerie is flying to see a doctor for plastic surgery.  Pray for her safe return.
·         God has opened a door for Benjamin to preach in a denominational church.
·         Diane Howell has been diagnosed with ALS.
Special Request:
·         Nakevin has been wrongly accused.  Please pray for truth to be revealed.
·         Felicia, a doctor, has many patients at the Clinic.  She needs good and efficient help.
·         Wayne is scheduled to go before the court.  Pray for the will of God.  Also, he needs a job.
Praise Report:
·         Roger was released from the hospital.  He is home on oxygen but alive and doing well.
·         Cathy’s surgery went well.  The doctors feel the tumor was benign.
·         Pray for Renea and family.  Renea lost her twin children and her father.
·         Pray for Omar and Christine who lost their toddler, Josh (1-year-old), to drowning.