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    WNOP Prayer List

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

    Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.

    January 26 – February 1, 2021


    • Josh, 7 years old, fell and fractured his skull.
    • Elaine has been placed on a ventilator due to COVID and pneumonia.  The virus left fibrosis on her lungs making it hard for her lungs to work properly.
    • Vai is in ICU with COVID.  His kidneys, liver, lungs, and bone marrow platelets have all failed.
    • Deanie is in ICU with COVID.  She needs a miracle.
    • Mike has COVID and is in ICU on a ventilator.
    • Soto has COVID and is on a ventilatory.  Also, he needs a kidney transplant.
    • Dwight had COVID and needs healing in his lungs.  He is waiting on a lung transplant after the infection clears.
    • Jasmine, 20-years-old, has COVID and is on a ventilator.  She signed a DNR.  The family fears she has given up hope.  Pray for renewed hope, strength, and full recovery.
    • Caleb has gone missing after being discharged from a mental health unit.  He may be suicidal.
    • Alacia is in the hospital with COVID and is on a ventilator.
    • Juan is struggling to survive due to the side effects of COVID.  Pray he gets stable enough to be transported for a lung transplant.
    • Deloris is in the hospital.  She is a diabetic, her kidneys are failing, and her eyesight is being affected.


    • Caroline is having medical tests to examine her liver.  Pray the results are negative.
    • Jamie, a young health care worker, got her COVID vaccine shots and is having severe complications.
    • Lorene has cellulitis in her left leg.  It’s red and swollen.
    • Cloris had a stroke.
    • Margaret broke her left collar bone and her right wrist.  She is in much pain.
    • Linda is in the hospital and needs healing.
    • James is in a wheelchair due to a brain disorder called Ataxia.  He has no balance and can’t walk.
    • Lindsey has tremendous pressure in her eyes which causes migraines.  She is going blind.
    • Anthony needs restoration in his body and soul.
    • Mandy has degenerative disc disease and cysts on her spine.
    • Dorothea has pain in her stomach that goes into her right rib area.
    • Laura needs healing from mental healing.
    • Leavy needs a healing touch from God so she can walk again.
    • Morris needs healing and a miracle.
    • Diana needs total healing.  She needs new teeth, gums, and jaw.  She needs a financial blessing to afford dental work.
    • Paul needs healing in his lungs and body.
    • Thomas and the extended families need healing from COVID-19.
    • Jim has Parkinson’s disease and other medical needs.
    • Jean needs healing in her eyes and feet.
    • Wil needs healing from high blood pressure and she has dizziness in her head.  She needs good health.
    • Fred needs protection and healing in his back and legs.  He also has a hernia and is battling dehydration.
    • Nan and Sher have an autoimmune condition.  Pray for healing and protection.
    • Paula has heart problems and blood sugar problems.
    • Herald’s oxygen levels are low and she has a respiratory disease.  She also needs healing in her heart, lungs, and arteries.
    • D needs physical healing in his body.
    • Blanca has neck and chest pains.  She also needs the Holy Ghost.
    • Semma is struggling with rapid weight gain, hormone disorder, and sleep apnea.  She needs healing, God’s help, and discernment.
    • Tim has pulmonary fibrosis and needs a miracle.
    • Caroline is sick and needs salvation.
    • Alphonso is scheduled for hernia surgery.
    • Bonita has pain in her hips.
    • Michael has a sore throat.
    • Sherrie has a brain injury that affects her nervous system and she has difficulty walking. Also, Donavan, her friend, needs salvation.
    • Margarita needs healing.  Her daughter and grandchildren’s home need protection.
    • Bryan, 2 years old, is taking speech therapy.  He had to have surgery before he could talk.
    • Brandi, 42 years old, is expecting a baby and will be having a c-section.
    • Son, 92 years old, fell and had to have surgery to replace a ball joint.
    • Gene has severe stomach problems and facing domestic problems.  Also, he needs salvation.
    • Isaiah had surgery and needs a miracle.
    • Judith and Paul need good health.
    • Hana has COVID and is not doing well.
    • Ruth is in the hospital with COVID.
    • Andy, Harold, Corrine, Rachel, and Ibrahim have COVID-19.
    • Maurice has COVID.  He also has an underlined health condition. 
    • Mandy has degenerative disc disease and now cysts on her spine.
    • Leavy needs healing so that she can walk again.


    • Julio, a pastor/Superintendent, has been diagnosed with cancer.
    • Susan has thyroid cancer and is scheduled for surgery.
    • Norma is having medical tests for possible cancer of the esophagus.
    • Nikki, a young lady in her 20’s, cancer has returned.
    • JD is scheduled for a biopsy.  Pray for normal results.
    • Carol has a rare type of cancer.
    • Becky’s brother has stage 4 neck and chest cancer.
    • Ben has been diagnosed with cancer which has spread to his lymph nodes.
    • Bosie has bone cancer.  He and his wife, Cookie, need salvation.
    • Richard, a pastor, has cancer.
    • Gary was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer.


    • Pray for the unsaved worldwide.
    • Jesse needs revelation and salvation.
    • Shanay, prodigal, needs to return to the Lord.
    • Tracy needs salvation and healing.
    • Pray for President Trump’s spiritual conversion and his well-being.
    • Stacey needs spiritual help.    Also, her family and friends need salvation. Her pastor and family need God’s help.
    • Alfred and Helene need salvation and deliverance from alcohol.
    • Pray for the will of God in Patrycja’s life.
    • Fred, Georgina, and Dane need salvation.   Georgina needs healing in her body to walk.


    • Kendra is an alcoholic and needs deliverance and salvation.
    • Corinne needs deliverance and protection in mind, body, and spirit.
    • Eduardo needs deliverance from depression.
    • M.S. needs deliverance from attacks.
    • Cynthia’s 16-year-old stepson has OCD and anger issues.  It’s a challenge to get him to go to school.
    • Niki is backslidden and needs deliverance.  She, her 3 daughters, and son need salvation.
    • Alison has anxiety and struggles with past problems.  She’s had 4 car accidents in less than 2 years.  She needs to change jobs.
    • Eduardo needs deliverance from depression.  Also, he has diabetes and is recovering from surgery.
    • Robert needs deliverance from anger.
    • Jad needs deliverance from depression and suicidal thoughts.
    • Levi needs deliverance and restoration spiritually.
    • Deb needs deliverance from depression.


    • Dawn needs healing in her mind, body, and spirit.  Also, pray for her family.  Also, she needs financial blessing so she can stay in her home and not be put out on the streets.  She needs healing from mental illness.
    • Meagan and her three girls need God’s protection.  Also, they need deliverance from fear.
    • Dawn needs protection, strength, understanding, etc.
    • Fred and Estine needs a blood covering of protection physically, psychologically, and spiritually 


    • Adenike is a prayer leader in her Fellowship and needs God’s direction as a prayer leader.
    • Rex and Lorena desire to teach Bible Studies.
    • Pray for pastors and ministers and their families who are suffering and hurting during this season of uncertainty and of the effects of COVID-19.


    • Emilio began a new job.  Pray he is successful.
    • Baptiste needs a job, healing in his marriage, deliverance from lying, good health, and to have divine wisdom.
    • Irvin, Kim, Camille, Andy, need a financial blessing.  Also, Mike needs salvation and a job.
    • Bobby and BillieJo need a financial blessing and back time pay.
    • Marcus needs a financial blessing.  Also, he needs a car to bring people to church.
    • Melodie and her mother applied to live in a certain place.  Pray they find favor with the landlord.
    • Seth has a special request concerning his job.
    • Karen, Cathy, and Nicholas desperately need a job.  Also, they need a financial blessing.
    • Richard needs work and a financial blessing.


    • Maria requests prayer that the relationship of her parents heals and they all can go back to school.
    • Lisa and Jason need healing.  Jason needs deliverance in many areas.
    • Cheryl’s daughter and husband need healing in their marriage.
    • Mary and her teen son need healing in their relationship and for wisdom to hear God’s guidance.
    • Sid and Cam need healing.
    • Since the passing of Christy’s husband, her two teenage boys have much anger, frustration, and hatred towards each other.  The family needs healing.  Also, the family needs help mentally and financially.
    • Enola, 12-years-old, has been discharged from the hospital.  Mallory is expecting a baby and is at high risk.  The family needs healing.
    • Nati needs healing in her marriage.


    • Pray for America.
    • Jordan requests prayer for God to give him a better life.
    • NN has a very difficult situation that needs God to intervene.
    • Dean would like for the Body of Christ to pray that the Lord would raise up and assign an Apostolic Spiritual Adviser to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
    • Lorena needs prayer and strength for the will of God in her life.
    • Billy needs direction from the Lord.
    • Jennive needs strength.
    • Noah needs a job, restoration, and emotional healing.
    • Pray God’s kingdom come and His will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.
    • Billy needs direction from the Lord.


    • Reba is heartbroken because she and her husband had to leave their home and go into an Assisted Living Facility.
    • Anesuishe, 11 years old, is struggling with the passing away of her dad when she was two.  She was bullied at school before the lockdown.  She cries daily.  She is getting professional help and prays & reads her Bible daily.
    • Teresa’s mom passed away.
    • Pray for all families and friends that need comfort from the loss of a loved one(s) due to COVID-19 and other reasons.
    • Stella passed away.  Pray for her family, friends, and all that were impacted by her passing.
    • Teresa’s mom passed away this week.