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    WNOP Prayer List

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

    Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


    April 6 – April 12, 2021

    ·         EW is in the hospital from serious complications after receiving the vaccine shot.
    ·         George is very ill and the doctor is wanting to place him on Hospice. The family is believing in a miracle.
    ·         Luis had a massive heart attack while traveling across country. The doctor’s report is not good regarding his survival.
    ·         Mary had a fall and has bleeding on the brain. She’s been given 2 days to live. She and her family need peace and salvation.
    ·         Cleta is in the hospital with COVID-19 and blood clot in her lungs.
    ·         Ed has COVID-19 and is on a ventilator. His kidneys are failing.
    ·         Peter is fighting COVID-19. Pray that God brings him back to his family.
    ·         Sandi, a young deaf lady, is on a ventilator. She has an infection in her abdomen.
    ·         Paul is in ICU with heart and kidney issues. Also, pray for Marian, Paul’s caregiver, for strength and to receive the Holy Ghost.
    ·         James still is in severe back pain with little or no relief. Medications help very little. He needs a miracle.
    ·         Sue is scheduled for heart surgery. Pray the surgery is successful and she has a quick and complete recovery.
    ·         May had a stroke and was sent home from the Emergency Room because there were no beds in the hospital.
    ·         Gary is scheduled for open heart surgery. Pray for a successful surgery and complete healing.
    ·         Yedaya was diagnose with Autism and Yannick was diagnose with Hydrocephalus.
    ·         Phyllis has pain over her body.
    ·         Maresha needs healing of her mind and protection while she is in the hospital. She needs God’s favor and reconciliation.
    ·         Lloyd has severe heart and lung problems and is scheduled for a medical test. Pray they are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before the test. Also, pray for a difficult situation between them and another couple.
    ·         Ryan needs physical and spiritual healing.
    ·         S.P. and C. S. need healing in their body.
    ·         Christina, 29 years old, neglected herself due to anxiety and depression. She wants to get healthy.
    ·         Jean needs healing in her eyes and feet.
    ·         Wil needs peace and good health.
    ·         Jimmy has Parkinson’s disease.
    ·         Fred needs protection and healing in his nervous system. He needs direction, also.
    ·         Nan and Shera have an autoimmune disease.
    ·         Neo is recovering from digestive system problems and more.
    ·         La has heart and sugar problems.
    ·         Paul needs healing.
    ·         Denise has blood clots in her legs.
    ·         Carol’s shoulder blade keeps coming out of place and it’s very painful.
    ·         Son and Reba both have dementia and losing control of their lives. Stanley and wife need strength so they can take care of their parents.
    ·         Katelynn and Christine tested positive for COVID-19. Brian and Kathryn are scheduled to be tested. Rusty will possibly be tested, also.
    ·         Darren began a job but has had stomach problems and had to miss work.  He needs healing.
    ·         Ruth’s grandson is tired and lonely. Pray also for his mother, father, and grandmother. Ruth feels depressed and rejected.
    ·         “John” has blood clots in his lungs and anemia. He, his family, and church family have COVID-19. They all need a miracle.
    ·         Vincent has joint pain, and pain in his shoulders, knees, hips, and back. Pain meds do not help much.
    ·         Mark had surgery. Pray the surgery was successful and for a complete and quick recovery.
    ·         Alicia needs her hearing to come back into her left ear, for physical health, and for financial provision for surgery to remove blood clots in both legs.
    ·         Judi has neuropathy and needs healing.
    ·         Simon has health problems from his jaw to his intestines.
    ·         Danita needs healing in her brain. Pray her MRI results are clear of all abnormalities.
    ·         Kristal has COVID-19. Pray her family will not become ill.
    ·         Lloyd and Paulette are in the hospital with COVID-19.
    ·         Kathryn tested positive for COVID-19 and strep throat.
    ·         Marcia has COVID-19 and the hospitals are full. She has a very bad cough.
    ·         Jonathan, a pastor, has COVID-19 and has been running fever for 8 days.
    ·         Katelynn, Christine, JD, Kim, Stephanie, Dale, and Todd have COVID-19.
    ·         Ernie is scheduled for a risky surgery to remove his kidney and tumors. Pray the surgery is successful and he is cancer free.
    ·         Michelle had cancer surgery and is in ICU. Also, she and her husband need salvation.
    ·         Nathan has stage 4 cancer.
    ·         Carol has breast cancer that has spread all over her body. Her husband, Mel, has esophageal cancer which is in the last stages. They both need a miracle healing and salvation.
    ·         Brandi is on chemo. Also, she needs salvation.
    ·         Ricky and wife are prodigals.  They desperately need deliverance from sin and to return to God. They also need healing in their marriage.
    ·         Jo and spouse need restoration to God.
    ·         Dinesh and Stephanie need spiritual restoration and peace.
    ·         Jordan needs salvation. Also, pray for his destiny.
    ·         William needs to return to God. He needs deliverance and salvation.
    ·         Miranda needs more faith.
    ·         Pray for President’s Biden’s spiritual conversion and his well-being.
    ·         Pray that God shields DL’s mind from any attacks on her faith from her deliverance.
    ·         Charlene needs deliverance from depression. She needs a financial breakthrough, housing stability, feeling of acceptance, and for to God intervene in a situation with her newborn son. Also, she has skin issues on her face and legs.
    ·         Cole needs deliverance from depressing and healing in his body.
    ·         Makayla and Mathieu need deliverance from shyness. Also, pray that the love of Jesus burns in their heart. Their mother Sybelle needs deliverance from drugs and alcohol.
    ·         Jodi needs deliverance form panic attacks. Her husband, Sheldon needs salvation.
    ·         Katrina needs to be delivered from her living situation and into her own residence.
    ·         Derryl, Lynn, and Herbert need deliverance from harassment.
    ·         Trueblue’s fiancée needs deliverance from alcohol and smoking.
    ·         Felicia, a doctor, has much stress from overwork because of the coronavirus.
    ·         JP needs deliverance from hurt and anger that has built up in him for over 17 years. Pray he comes back to God.
    ·         Sherry needs protection physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Pray that truth prevails.
    ·         France needs deliverance from depression and feeling disheartened. Pray God heals her heart.
    ·         Lil needs deliverance from depression.
    ·         Levi needs deliverance and restoration spiritually.
    ·         Elis needs a spiritual breakthrough and battles depression.
    ·         Sasha has mental issues and got in trouble with drugs and alcohol. She is not responding to her family and has shut down communicating.
    ·         John needs protection and to move to a new area or home to his farm.
    ·         Pray for Jessica. No one has heard from her in a while.
    ·         Manoranjan (pastor) and family need God’s protection physically, spiritually, and financially. Pray for favor with God and man.
    ·         Kyle, Meagan, and 2 girls need God’s protection.
    ·         The youth and children in the border crisis need protection and provision.
    ·         Christine and Rust need to be approved for an apartment.
    ·         Dolly and family have many financial problems and mental stress.
    ·         A young college student suddenly lost his family, a place to live, and has no job. He needs a miracle.
    ·         Shereese needs a financial blessing/provision to pay her bills.
    ·         D needs a financial blessing.
    ·         Elisa and Marlene need unity and forgives each other so they can serve the Lord with a clean heart.
    ·         Joe needs healing in his marriage. He needs strength in his heart and mind. Pray for the spirit of praise, worship, and the love of God fills his heart. Pray for the peace of God to reign in his heart and mind.
    ·         Baptiste needs a miracle in his marriage and delivered from smoking. Also, his loved ones need salvation.
    ·         Glenda needs God’s help in her new position on her job or to get a different position on her job nearer to her home.
    ·         Linda is scheduled for a court case. Pray the judge makes a fair decision.
    ·         Lynn and Keith have mice infestation in their house. Traps and poison are not keeping it under control. They cannot afford an exterminator service. Pray God removes the problem.
    ·         Pray God’s kingdom come ad His will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.
    ·         Pray for pastors and ministers and their families who are suffering and hurting during this season of uncertainty and of the effects of COVID-19.
    ·         Noah has special prayer request.
    ·         Pray for Alice and family who are grieving.
    ·         Aubrey is a nonverbal developmentally disabled adult in a wheelchair. Her dad, Tom, passed away. Pray for Aubrey, her mom, and family.
    ·         Dustin and wife lost their baby to SIDS. They desperately need the loving and comforting arms of God around them. Also, pray for emotional and spiritual strength and peace to carry them through this time of loss and suffering.
    ·         All families and friends need comfort from the loss of a loved one(s) due to COVID-19 and other reasons.
    ·         Pray for the Doan family and all affected by the passing of Rev. David Doan, Missionary to Japan.