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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God…


March 19-25


  • Norm is in ICU.  His lungs are filled with fluid and he is in extreme pain following a partial foot amputation.  Also, he has kidney failure, diabetes, and myasthenia gravis.
  • Joseph, a minister, is in the hospital on an oxygen machine and has a very hard time breathing.
  • Pray for the individuals who were critically injured in the shooting in New Zealand.
  • Neville is in the hospital with severe lung and flu illness with difficulty breathing.
  • Jane is going through cancer treatment and has triple pneumonia. She is not expected to make it without a miracle.


  • Cindi has stage four Cirrhosis of the Liver.  She needs complete healing or a liver transplant.
  • Kink has problems with his kidneys.
  • Anita has high blood glucose and her heart rate is in the danger zone. Also, she has A-FIB which is out of control.
  • Iris, an elderly lady, is scheduled for open heart surgery.
  • Larry was injured in a bad car accident.
  • Tray was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Janice is in the hospital with congestive heart failure.
  • Jerry has a skin condition and needs God’s healing touch.
  • Becky has back problems.
  • Chris is very sick with an upper respiratory infection.
  • Shweta is expecting a baby. Pray she carries the baby full term and delivers a healthy baby.
  • Mary is in the hospital with COPD, pneumonia, and heart disease.
  • Rita is scheduled to have her seventh open heart surgery.
  • Tony had hernia surgery. Pray for a complete and quick recovery.
  • Shirley has heart problems.
  • Kortez is scheduled for surgery on his spine to remove a tumor. Pray the surgery is successful and he has a very quick recovery.
  • Kendra’s heart is racing because of stress.
  • Keijo’s mother needs healing from pain and strength in her body.
  • Anaia has a nervous tick in her face and shoulders and it seems to be getting worse.
  • Tuulikki has a painful lump in her gum and nerve damage and pain in her legs and arms. Also, she needs a financial blessing.
  • Jeremy had his appendix removed. The doctors called and said that they saw something in his chest X-RAY, so he is scheduled for a CT Scan.
  • James has influenza A.
  • Frances and her husband are both diabetics.
  • JT has problems with internal bleeding.
  • Freda, Beth, and Joey are sick.
  • It is not time for Jane’s baby to be born, but she may deliver early. Also, Jane is sick.
  • Kenneth has muscular degeneration and needs a healing.
  • Cole has type 1 diabetes; he is 15 years old.
  • Diane has ALS and needs a miracle.
  • Mike needs healing.
  • Analiese has a fractured food and is currently ill.
  • Elsa suffers from High Blood Pressure.


  • Mary has stage four cancer.
  • Berta, a pastor’s wife is battling cancer.
  • Noopin has stage four cancer.
  • Isaac is very sick and being tested for leukemia.
  • John has ear cancer.
  • Jack has pancreatic cancer. He needs a miracle healing and salvation.
  • Kay has breast cancer and needs salvation.


  • Randy slipped and fell. Pray for complete restoration and peace of mind. Also, pray he forgives himself.
  • Stephanie, Mary, and David need salvation.
  • Annette needs salvation.


  • Shirley needs deliverance from depression. Also, she desires to find the will of God for her life and do His perfect will.
  • Juha has a difficult situation on his job. He needs strength, protection, and wisdom to guide him to make the right decisions.
  • Jaime is suffering from extreme depression and a broken heart.
  • Frances, a prodigal, is addicted to drugs and nicotine. She needs deliverance and healing in her mind, body, and soul.
  • Nathan and Joseph, prodigals, are addicted to video games and need deliverance and restoration. Also, Nathan has anxiety and fear.


  • Pray for God to send established laborers and revival to the United Disciples of Jesus Christ in Orlando, Florida.


  • Lance and Stephanie need healing in their marriage.
  • Trish needs prayer for her family.
  • Rick requests prayer for his family.
  • The Hollace family needs our prayers.
  • Shelly needs a miracle in her family.


  • Christie needs prayer for possible disability benefits.
  • Wayne and Irvin need a good job and financial blessing.

Special Request:

  • Glen is disabled. Pray that his family and the agency he is working with allows him to continue to live in the apartment and keep his independence.
  • Jory is scheduled to appear before a judge. Pray for the will of God.
  • Pray against sex trafficking in Wisconsin. A church in the state is starting a ministry to work with the victims.


  • Pray for Rose and family. Rose lost her mother and grandson within a 2-week time.
  • Ronald’s wife recently passed away and he needs God’s comfort. Also, he has very serious heart problems.
  • Pray for the family and friends of the individuals who lost their lives in the shooting in New Zealand.

Praise Report:

  • Brian, who we prayed for last week, came to church for the first time in 27 years and prayed through. We are still believing for his healing.