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    WNOP Prayer List

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

    Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


    June 22 – 28, 2021



    • Ova Mae is very sick and has been placed on Hospice.
    • Elias is in the hospital with pneumonia and COVID and in an intense condition.
    • Walter has COVID-19. Pray he isn’t placed on a ventilator. He needs a miracle.
    • Linda had open heart surgery. She has developed pneumonia and is back in ICU.
    • Monica was in a motorcycle accident. The physician is wanting to take her off the ventilator and declare her brain dead.
    • Kilfian has severe respiratory problems and has been air flighted to the hospital.
    • Effrain has a skull fracture and blood infection. He is on life support.
    • Nancy is very sick and is in ICU.
    • Hamid is in the hospital in critical condition. He also needs salvation.



    • Billy, a pastor, is scheduled for open heart surgery to replace the Aorta Valve.
    • Wayne needs protection, healing, and deliverance from hatred.
    • Monique has an acute autoimmune disease.
    • Jim and Al have Parkinson’s disease and both need complete healing.
    • Mae needs deliverance and emotional and physical healing in her body and in all relationships.
    • Win needs healing for an extensive respiratory condition.
    • Ann has pulmonary hypertension. Pray for a miracle.
    • PL has heart problems and needs help in weight loss.
    • Gordon, a minister, needs physical healing in and protection from reoccurring cancer.
    • Michael is in the hospital with diabetes. Jamie, his wife has MS and has to have someone with her at all times.
    • Pray that God gives Florence a speedy recovery from her accident. She and Wayne needs deliverance from all evil. Pray that Florence will soon be released from the hospital so that she can stay with her aunt.
    • Nicholas needs healing from Epilepsy and to make a newly launched ministry, the Epilepsy Foundation of Kenya, successful.
    • Rick, a pastor, is very sick and has lost much weight. He needs a miracle.
    • Erma needs healing in her mind from Alzheimer’s. She and her family need salvation.
    • Charleigh, 4 months old, is in the hospital with pneumonia in one lung.
    • Melody’s son fell and broke his knee cap. He fell and injured it again and is in a rehab.
    • Kris’ sister has severe OCD and has an eating disorder. She is overweight. This has caused a relationship crisis with her daughter.
    • Alexsandra has not been feeling well. New symptoms appear daily.
    • Kaprice is 9 months pregnant and has had major weight loss. The doctor is concerned.
    • Barbara has been taken to the hospital very sick.
    • Carol has pain in her back, neck, arms, and hands.
    • David has knee issues.
    • Jamil needs healing of his mind and restoration.
    • Trevor needs healing from high blood pressure and kidney failure. Pray he doesn’t need dialysis.
    • Gordon needs healing from a stroke.
    • RK and Jason need weight loss.
    • May needs healing from a stroke and blindness. Her children need salvation.
    • Jean has diabetes. She also is lonely because no one visits her any longer.
    • Dudley has pain in his shoulder and neck. He also has dizziness.
    • Merline has pain in her right shoulder and neck.
    • Jesus has had dry mouth symptoms for the past year and a half.
    • Wayne has blockage in his heart.
    • Judy needs healing from a skin disease.
    • Nancy has diabetes. She is sick at her stomach and very weak.
    • Shirley has severe back pain. She also needs the Holy Ghost.
    • Lokesh has many health issues. She needs a miracle healing.
    • Carolyn has been placed on Hospice and needs a miracle.
    • Austin is in the hospital with heart problems.
    • Patricia has poor vision in both eyes.
    • Wyone has severe back pain and swelling in her feet.
    • Mareshah needs healing and restoration.
    • Heather has post COVID-19.
    • Jose has COVID-19.
    • Phyllis is in the hospital with COVID-19.



    • Carl, a minister, has cancer and needs a miracle.
    • Linda has been diagnosed with cancer in her spine, lungs, and kidneys. She is on morphine and still in severe pain.
    • Richie has masses in his abdomen area and in constant pain.
    • Faith is scheduled for thyroid cancer surgery.
    • TJ, 4 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia.
    • Charlie is battling advanced liver disease and liver cancer.
    • Joan was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She also needs salvation.
    • Steve has stage 4 cancer.
    • Abby has possible skin cancer.



    • The Veazie and Stephens Families and relatives need salvation, restoration, deliverance, and healing accordingly.
    • Lincoln, Edmond, and their family need salvation. Edmond and his daughter need a financial blessing to pay off student loan. Lincoln also has neck pain.
    • Jeremiah needs complete spiritual healing and restoration.
    • Allie needs salvation.
    • Ryan, Cecelia, Timothy, Gabby, Caleb, Hannah, and Jae Lynn need salvation.
    • Pray that Albert comes to the knowledge of truth.
    • Heidi, a prodigal, is depressed and needs restoration to God. Her husband was baptized and needs the Holy Ghost. The couple and children need the joy of the Lord. The 14-year-old son needs deliverance from suicidal thoughts/attempts.
    • La Tecia needs salvation.
    • Nathan is in the Military and is away from God.  He needs restoration to God and deliverance from anger and bitterness.
    • Sheyann and Timmy need salvation.
    • Billy needs salvation, healing from elevated blood pressure, and deliverance from alcohol addiction.
    • Anthony and family need salvation.
    • Adella, Johnson, and children need salvation.
    • Basil and family need salvation.
    • Paula and family need spiritual healing, strength, and protection.
    • Matt and the church needs restored to God.



    • Mckayla and Mathieu need deliverance from shyness in school. They need to love the Lord.
    • Sybelle and Ghislaine need deliverance from drugs, alcohol, and emotional dependency. They need to go to therapy and to love Jesus.
    • Dawn needs deliverance. She is desiring to repent and ask God for forgiveness. She also needs salvation and protection.
    • Wesley, a prodigal, needs delivered from drugs and alcohol. He needs God’s merciful hand to restore him.
    • Levi needs restoration.
    • The Ary family need a spiritual breakthrough from depression and strongholds.
    • Jonas suffers from severe anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts/feelings. He desires to get off of medication. Pray he avoids committing suicide.
    • Bob needs to be delivered from false accusations.
    • Sophia is depressed.
    • Ashley is in a very difficult relationship and is suffering from depression.
    • Normalyn needs deliverance from fear and nervousness. He needs divine favor for increase in wages and promotions.
    • Isaias desires to separate from satanic ties. He battles many areas of opposition. He needs salvation.
    • Mark deals with depression.
    • Marjorie needs deliverance from addiction. She also needs salvation and healing in her mind.
    • Vee needs deliverance from a hindering spirit.



    • John needs protection and to move to a new area or home to his farm.
    • Tammy and Glenda will be traveling from Oklahoma to Texas for a nephew’s funeral. Pray for safe journey.
    • Anthony needs protection from his roommate. Pray that someone takes the pistol from the roommate.



    • Pray that God sends the right individual to take the jail ministry and 2 more teachers for the adult Bible Study Class at NLCC.



    • Shereese needs money to pay her bills and rent.
    • Susan lost a check she was going to cash so she can pay rent. Pray she finds the check.
    • Robinson family needs a vehicle and large van for children’s ministry. They also need a financial blessing.
    • Marcia desires a new job as an occupational therapist. She needs a financial blessing.



    • Baptiste needs a miracle in his marriage and delivered from smoking. Also, his loved ones need salvation.
    • Jamie and husband need healing in their marriage. The husband needs restoration to God.
    • Priyanthini and husband need healing in their marriage. Logendran needs deliverance from cinema addiction. He also needs strength and healing.
    • Kara’s parents need restoration in their relationship.
    • Stephanie and Ken need healing in their marriage. Ken needs healing, deliverance, and salvation.
    • Will and his wife need healing in their marriage. The wife needs deliverance.
    • Andrea and Dwight need healing in their marriage. They also need salvation.
    • Marquetta and Triston need healing in their marriage. They also need a revelation of Truth and salvation.



    • For God’s kingdom come and His will be done in earth as it is in Heaven and His purpose be fulfilled in the UPCI Church Body.
    • America and President Biden and his administration.
    • A greater and full operation of the Fivefold Ministry in the Church.
    • Former President’s Trump spiritual conversion.
    • Pastors and ministers and their families with special needs.
    • Asha is expecting and needs a healthy delivery of her baby.
    • Angel and her husband are having marital problem and they need a complete miracle.
    • The Derick and Family need God’s help in multiple areas.
    • LD needs strength in the Lord.
    • Emilio needs a new SS card asap with a homeland security stamp.
    • Kyle needs prayer for a need.
    • Mary needs prayer for a better relationship with people.
    • Olivia is doing her masters in Nursing. Pray she passes all her exams.
    • Imaniushindi needs undying faith, clarity, financial freedom, and to get home to the USA safely. He needs emotional and physical strength. Pray for safety for his family.
    • Julia and her children desire to come back to America for a better life.
    • Marcus is in prison and needs protection.
    • Pray that God blesses Elroy.
    • Courtney needs prayer for specific requests.



    • All families and friends need comfort form the loss of a loved one(s) due to COVID-19 and due to any other reasons.
    • Angelique’s mother passed away. Because of the trauma, Angelique nearly had a heart attack. Isabell, her sister, is in a back closed psychiatric hospital. The family needs comfort, peace, and strength.



    • Mark had 20% of his lung removed because of cancer. The physician could not find the bleeding they expected. He’s doing well, he’s home, and resting.