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    WNOP Prayer List

    “And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

    Seek God for what He desires and let’s pray according to the will of God.


    March 9-15, 2021


    • Randal, 8 years old, had a stroke.
    • Wanda is very sick and Hospice has been called in. Pray she pulls through this sickness.
    • Sylvia is in a coma following a massive stroke.
    • A friend of Payton’s mom found her 1-year old son in a pool face down.  The baby is in ICU fighting for his life.
    • Rachel’s mother-in-law has been intubated due to COVID-19. She also has LUPUS and a slew of other medical problems which makes treating her difficult. They’ve given her 14% chance of survival.
    • PS is very sick. She has only one working kidney and the other one is failing. Pray she can be eligible for a kidney transplant.
    • Amy, 32 years old, has a rare heart condition and the doctors do not know what’s wrong. She has had 2 heart attacks. Pray for Andrew, her husband, and their 3 children. Also, Andrew wants to be baptized in Jesus’ name and wants to know more about the Holy Ghost.
    • Dean is in ICU with lung and brain cancer. He needs God’s intervention for full remission.
    • Joella has ear cancer and may not live through the night due to an onset of brain swelling. Also, pray for her caretakers and family for strength, wisdom, peace, and protection.
    • Tommy, a minister, is in ICU with heart failure. The fluid around his heart is heavy and his kidneys are being affected by the medications.



    • Paul is in the Emergency Room with possible water on his lungs. He is in the process of scheduled heart surgery for a leaky heart valve.
    • Steven’s aortic valve is leaking blood back into his heart causing chest pains, headaches, and high blood pressure. He may not have long to live. Also, his wife lost her only child to COVID. They both need a miracle.
    • Kimberley is gravely ill and needs a miracle.
    • Elias has heart failure and dementia. He needs healing in his lungs and kidneys. He also needs restoration back to God.
    • Staci was in a car accident 2 years ago and damaged 4 discs. She is in constant pain and needs a miracle.
    • Jeffrey is scheduled for surgery. Pray everything goes well with no infections, the skin grafts take, and with a quick recovery.
    • Maria needs healing of severe arthritis, high blood pressure, and severe knee pain. She also needs restored back to God.
    • Barbara has retinal vein occlusion in her eye which causes swelling and trouble with vision.
    • Lorena has severe carpel tunnel.
    • AL is in the hospital and needs urgent prayer.
    • Serge is scheduled for open heart surgery.
    • Mel, a young mom, has massive back pain with a herniated disk. She is almost incapacitated.
    • Cookrin, Townsend, and Stewart need healing and complete recovery.
    • James is in the hospital with serious cellulitis in his right big toe. He’s facing possible amputation. He needs increased blood flow to the right side of his body.
    • Goldie has a problem with one of her eyes.
    • TB was taken to the hospital due to having trouble breathing.
    • Ed had surgery had complications while in surgery.
    • Kim had a possible stroke and can’t walk and has memory problems. Also, pray for Mallory and family as they travel.
    • Pray that Courtney’s mother can get the medication she needs.
    • Randy needs healing in his body.
    • Jimmy has Parkinson’s.
    • Jean needs healing in her eyes and feet.
    • Russell has had a severe cough for 6 months and nothing seems to help.
    • Fred needs protection and healing in his entire body.
    • Nan has an autoimmune disease.
    • Shera has a lung condition.
    • Paula has heart and blood sugar problems.
    • Paul needs healing.
    • Cleo needs healing and God’s intervention on a job situation.
    • Princess’ mother coughs non-stop. Also, her father’s health needs to improve so he can leave the Rehab Hospital.
    • Cynthia needs healing and protection. She has been coughing and has a hard time breathing but tested negative for COVID.
    • Tania has gum disease which is causing tooth decay and other health issues. Also, she needs provision to get her teeth and gums taken care of.
    • John needs good health, sleep, protection and free of debt.
    • SK has tinnitus and blurred vision.
    • Walter had the coronavirus and his mind is hazy. Pray for a full recovery.
    • Ronald, Carol, their sons and families have COVID-19.
    • Melvin and family need healing from COVID-19.



    • Dean, 2-years old, has been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma which is a childhood or teen severe cancer disease with a 30% survival rate.
    • Amy has a lump near her kidneys. Pray it isn’t cancer.
    • Laurie is scheduled for brain cancer surgery. Pray Shawn is able to come home from the Military to be with Laurie for surgery.
    • Yvonne has been diagnosed with cyst/tumors in her mouth. She is scheduled to go to the hospital for treatment. She needs peace and strength.
    • DW has a painful mass plus headaches and visual changes.
    • DG and EAD has a skin condition which is questionable cancer.
    • Margaret has cancer in her blood. Hospice is coming to her home. Also, pray for Ricky, her son. He needs restoration and a determination to live for God.



    • Monica, Amanda, Alicia, Alanna, Jamon, and Michael are prodigals and they need to be rededicated to the Lord.
    • O’Neil and Owen need to have a hunger for the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
    • Essian desires for God to heal and change her soul and thoughts in meekness and humility.
    • Wayne needs the Holy Ghost, God’s intervention, and direction.
    • Robin needs to be baptized in Jesus’ name. Also, she needs deliverance from her smoking addiction.
    • Kyle is headed down the wrong road and needs urgent prayer.
    • Linda needs restored back to God. She is in a bad relationship.
    • Dan needs healed from past situations.



    • Randy wants to be delivered from homosexually.
    • Antonio needs deliverance from drug addiction.
    • Deb needs deliverance from depression.
    • Levi needs deliverance and restoration spiritually.
    • Elis needs a spiritual breakthrough and battles depression.
    • Shannon is trying to quit nicotine.
    • Amanda needs deliverance from past emotional hurts.
    • Michael needs deliverance for situations going on in his life. He also needs salvation.
    • Carol needs deliverance from her lifestyle and she needs restoration back to God.
    • Becky needs deliverance from suicidal thoughts.
    • McKayla and Mathiel need deliverance from shyness in school. Sybil, their mother, needs deliverance from drug and alcohol addiction, emotional dependency, and bad influences from her friends. Pray for Jeremie for strength and wisdom.



    • Nicholas has been missing for 6 months. He needs deliverance, restored, and healed.
    • Megan is being stalked. She and her family need protection.
    • John needs protection and also desires to move to a new area or home to his farm.
    • Princess needs protection and peace. Also, pray for unity and God’s love in the home.
    • Shirley’s friend is in an abusive marriage relationship. She needs protection and an answer from God. Also, pray for healing in the marriage.
    • Wil needs traveling mercies for a trip, and peace and good health.
    • Florence needs a hedge or protection around her inheritance from her father.



    • Kendra needs prayer for good results of an interview.
    • Baptiste needs a job, healing in his marriage, wisdom, and deliverance from smoking. Also, his loved ones need salvation.
    • Princess needs a financial blessing/provision to purchase a home.
    • Enobong needs victory in his prosecutions and his job to be secured.
    • D needs help on his job and a financial and marital blessing.
    • David and San needs protection and direction.
    • Christine has water leak damage in her home. Pray the Insurance pays for repairs.
    • Cynthia has financial situations in her life that only God can take care of.
    • Robert needs God to prosper him so he can remain in the house his mother willed to him.
    • Ruby needs an apartment in a safe place. She is in her car or driving around.
    • Chris needs a new job. Pray for God’s favor in his interview.



    • Patricia’s family need healing and deliverance.
    • KL and SL need healing in their marriage.



    • Pray God’s kingdom come and His will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.
    • Pray for pastors and ministers and their families who are suffering and hurting during this season of uncertainty and of the effects of COVID-19.
    • Pray for safe travels for all traveling during Spring Break.
    • Mar and Cle need to get good revenue in the sale of their home, obtain the best inexpensive price for their relocation, and to find the ideal home in a desired location.
    • Sherry desires to be used by God in a mighty way, according to God’s will.
    • Priyanthini needs strength, peace, and to be able to forgive herself.
    • Kevin and Chris have disabilities and need appropriate living conditions.
    • Paul and Garfield have court cases. Pray for the will of God.
    • Pray for Enolas’ mental state and home life.
    • Buddy is daily going though situations that need God’s favor and blessings.
    • Hayley needs to have confidence in herself.
    • AL needs prayer.



    • All families and friends need comfort from the loss of a loved one(s) due to COVID-19 and other reasons.
    • Rick and family need comfort in the passing of his brother.
    • Pray for Former President’s Trump spiritual conversion and his well-being.
    • Pray for the best welfare of all Church leadership.
    • Dorothy’s dad passed away. She needs God’s comfort and love. Also, she has graves disease. She is getting better but needs continued prayers.