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WNOP Prayer List


“And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” (I John 5:14-15)

Seek God for what He desires and lets pray according to the will of God.


October 20 – October 26, 2020


  • Lani, 1 month old, is in PICU.  Pray he begins to breathe on his own with no congestion.
  • Butch and Bonnie were in a serious accident.  Butch was injured but Bonnie suffered a serious stroke and cannot speak.
  • Brian, pastor, has been rushed to the hospital for surgery on his nasal area to breath better.
  • Pray for “Jane’s” unborn Grandbaby.  She has been taking treatments for a mass in her chest.  Now they are wanting to put in a shunt. The doctor seems to think they may have to deliver the baby which is not due until December.
  • Pauline is on Life Support. She is on dialysis and she needs a miracle. She is not responding.
  • CW is in the hospital after suffering a stroke.
  • Debbian is bleeding from her brain and her kidney failing.
  • Roy, a minister, has COVID-19 and is in critical condition.
  • Mark, a pastor, has excruciating neck and back pain, with a pain level of 10. The meds help very little.
  • Mike, a minister, is undergoing kidney transplant surgery today. Pray for divine healing, the success of the surgery, and a speedy recovery.
  • Art has a severe kidney condition and needs a miracle.
  • Carl has bone and bladder cancer and needs supernatural healing.
  • Avonlea is critically ill and needs a miracle.
  • Robert is in ICU. He is battling pneumonia and his lungs are inflamed.


  • Tony has stomach problems and is scheduled to see a specialist.  Pray they can find the problem.
  • Sally had open heart surgery.  Pray for a full and speedy recovery.
  • KC has heart problems.
  • Jonathan is undergoing medical testing.  Pray for good results.
  • Jacob is very sick.  Also, pray for the family as they go through this trial.
  • Pray that Mike’s hip injury is minor.  Also, he needs guidance in the best decision on retirement.
  • Pray for Liam, 12-years.old, his family and his surgeons.
  • Melina is struggling with focus, adaptability, school work, memory, etc.  There may be a disability.
  • Jim, a physician has health issues.
  • Jimmy and his son are both in the hospital.  One has a gunshot wound in the back and the other was shot with a pellet gun.  One of the pellets is near his lung.
  • Tony, a prodigal, injured the rotator cuff in his shoulder. He needs healing, salvation, and a financial blessing because he cannot work and cannot pay for PT.
  • Geraldine is experiencing stinging pain.  She needs complete healing.
  • Nora is in the hospital needing physical and mental healing.
  • Jacquie had a wisdom tooth pulled and is in much pain.
  • Troy has mental illness.  Also, he needs forgiveness from God for his past.
  • Robin tested positive for COVID-19.  Barbar has the same symptoms but tested negative.
  • Jerry is in the hospital fighting COVID-19.  He needs a miracle.
  • Becky’s mom needs complete recovery from surgery, to get settled from her recent relocation, and for other special needs. Her realtor needs salvation.
  • Noah has COVID-19 and needs healing.
  • Dwayne has severe leg pain and needs healing in his leg nerves.
  • The Deckkards need healing for multiple health problems.
  • Paula needs healing in her blood and heart.
  • Jim and Jean need strength and divine health.
  • Mae is aging and have several heath conditions.
  • Pastor Darrell and his wife Brenda have COVID-19.
  • Virginia needs healing from COVID-19.
  • Kathy has cancer and COVID-19 and need miraculous healing.
  • Vicky had a stroke and need healing.


  • Christy, homeless lady, has cancer and diabetes.  She is hurting physically ad emotionally.  She is lonely, rejected, and fearful.  Pray that she feels the love of God.  Pray for protection, healing, and a place to live.
  • Joshua was diagnosed with a Glioma brain tumor and will require surgery.  The prognosis is not good.
  • Kerry has breast cancer which has metastasis to the lungs and possibly other places in her body. She has shortness of breath and other symptoms.  Pray every root of cancer is rooted out and all medical test is negative for cancer.
  • Mary has cancer.  She needs salvation and healing.
  • David needs healing from disease and cancer.
  • Kathy has late stage cancer.
  • David has skin cancer.
  • Velma has cancer.


  • Pamela needs restoration of her faith.
  • Anthony desires to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus desires to be filled with the Holy Ghost.  Also, pray that he is able to get past himself so he can be available to God to move in his life.
  • Carlos and Gabriel desires to be saved.
  • Gen desires to be filled with the Holy Ghost.  Also, he wants God’s anointing.
  • Nathaniel needs salvation.
  • AJ in the US army needs a prayer covering.  The enemy is battling against his mind and heart.
  • Maria and family need the Holy Ghost.


  • David needs deliverance from addiction, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Kenneth needs deliverance from smoking.
  • Dave needs deliverance from addiction, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Danika needs deliverance.
  • Lynn needs deliverance.  Also, she needs emotional healing and salvation.
  • Joseph needs deliverance and salvation.
  • Cole and his wife need deliverance from alcohol addiction. Both also need salvation.
  • Lil and Elise deliverance from depressions and healing physically.
  • Levi needs deliverance and restoration.


  • Norma needs prayer due to work situation.
  • Kenneth needs financial, artistic & business support, good health, and protection from disease.
  • Danielle needs divine favor over the recertification application to the housing authority.
  • Betty needs an apartment within her budget.
  • Karin’s fiancé is struggling financially.  He was scammed.  Pray he doesn’t need to pay additional taxes.
  • Amanda needs a job.  Her job closed in March with COVID-19.


  • Darrell, prodigal, needs prayer for domestic abuse protection.  He needs restored to God.  Shirley and family need strength to remain intact.
  • Bryan is in jail.  Pray for protection and that he comes out a changed person and ready to serve God.


  • Pray that families grow together in the Lord.
  • Family dissension going on and is crucial to salvation of Gene. Peace needed greatly.
  • Carol and her husband need healing in their marriage.
  • Ngamkholal and family need to feel God’s love and presence.  They need peace and favor with God and man.
  • Phillip’s Family needs an emotional healing.

 Special Requests:

  • Pray that God knocks out the COVID-19 fear factor and increase faith and trust in God.
  • The Church and City of Fernie in British Columbia, Canada, needs a pastor.
  • Pray for the success of a church start in Sparwood, British Columbia
  • Pray for continual blessings, revival, and harvest at Kings Chapel UPC.


  • Pray for the family of James, pastor, who passed away with COVID-19.