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The Ultimate Example of Prayer

The Ultimate Example of Prayer The ultimate example for all Christians is Jesus. One thing was very clear about Jesus.... He prayed!  There are a few things about His prayer life that we can all lea [...]

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Autism and Prayer

Autism and Prayer People with autism are created by God in a special way. They think differently than most people do. Sometimes they have difficulty talking to other people or looking at you. This d [...]

Latest Praying Life Resources

A Praying Family

A Praying Family What does a child who has grown up in prayer look like to you? (Get a mental picture) Individually, we know that prayer is important. Alone, we can pray as we wish, for as long as d [...]

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Scriptures and Guidelines for Prayerwalking

GUIDELINES FOR PRAYER WALKING Prepare your heart. Consider fasting before your walk. Ask God to guide, direct, lead and impress you with His agenda for the people. Pray scriptures for effectiveness. E [...]

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