Weekly Prayer List – July 5-12, 2016



  • Mondo is in ICU with flu complications and his kidneys are failing.



  • Steven’s family was on a boat when it caught fire.  6 family members have burns on legs and feet.  3 family members are in a burn center which includes twins, 10 years old, and one 6 year old child.
  • “Jane” has glaucoma, blockages, and macular edema in both eyes.  She has been allergic to the eyedrops.  Pray she is able to use the new eye drop and she doesn’t need surgery.
  • Dave fell and has a serious head injury.  He had surgery for a defibrillator to be put in but may require additional surgery.
  • Marge is in Hospice.  Pray for God’s perfect will.
  • “Jana” has a bad infection in her intestines.  Pray for complete healing.
  • “Joe” has been in the hospital for three weeks.  Also, pray for both Joe and Anita.
  • Carolyn has problems walking.  Pray the doctors can find the problem.  Pray for healing.
  • John was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
  • Pray for “Sam” who is in the hospital for an unknown emergency.
  • Rudy is in severe pain from kidney stones.



  • Zack, 14 years old, has been diagnosed with Leukemia.
  • John, 36 years old, married with 2 small children, has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Sarah is scheduled for a Bronchoscope to do a biopsy in her right lung.  Pray that the biopsy is clear.  Also, pray for Buck, Maddie, and Luke for peace, comfort, strength, and love.



  • Pray that God delivers “Mary” from bitterness and resentment.  Pray that forgiveness, peace, the joy of the Lord, and the love of God is loosed in her life.  Pray that God wraps His arms of love around Mary.  Pray that Mary feels the nearness of God.
  • “John” may be facing a long prison sentence.  Pray that God reveals Himself to John and delivers him before it is too late.


Special Request:

  • Rhonda needs prayer for a serious court hearing.
  • Bill and Reba, both elderly, are traveling.  They are not in good health.  Pray that God keeps His Hand on them and keeps them safe.
  • Pray for Wesley and Alyssa for peace and strength.  Their dad is in the hospital for an unknown emergency.
  • Betty is recovering from radiation and can’t eat because her mouth is so blistered and painful.  The doctors have found two more places in her mouth that could be cancer.