Prayer Postures

Creative Prayer Idea


Prayer Postures

Prayer needs no special formula in order for God to hear it.  However, it can be interesting to try different postures when praying.  We use ‘body language’ to express ourselves day-to-day (some more than others!), but for some reason when we pray we often close our eyes and become still.  Prayer is about communication: if we have a living relationship with God, then that will mean expressing all kinds of emotions, so why not show them!

Here are some examples of possible different postures relating to particular states.

  1. Praise and thanks: stand up and raise your head and hands (don’t forget to smile!), as you express God’s glory and your gratitude.
  2. Confession: sit and bow your head.
  3. Asking God for help: kneel and raise your open hands, waiting for them to be ‘filled’.

Your turn!  Try expressing doubt or fear etc. through a posture.  It’s ok to be honest with God – He knows how you feel anyway!