Small Group Prayer Agenda


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Opening Prayer/Praise Chorus

5 Minutes

 Personal Prayer Time
10 Minutes

During this time, I must ask God (silent prayer) to use me in this campaign:

1.    Faith to believe God for continued miracles regarding the campaign.
2.    Unity with the leadership concerning the campaign journey of First Community Church.
3.    My personal financial commitment for the next three years.

Group Prayer Time
15 Minutes
Prayer Requests

1.    Each person open to the voice of God during the capital stewardship campaign.
2.    The Pastor to effectively cast the vision for the future.
3.    The blessing of God upon the worship services.
4.    Each household willing to take ownership of “(Campaign Title).”
5.    The campaign leadership team for the campaign.
6.    Attendance at the celebration event.
7.    Financial commitments to reach our church’s highest goal.
8.    Congregational focus upon God and His ability to help First Community Church.
9.    Revival within the church as a result of obedience and sacrifice. 

One-on-One Prayer Time
10 Minutes
Find a partner and share a personal request and pray audibly for one another. Pray together for the capital stewardship campaign.

Intercessory Prayer Time
15 Minutes
Take the sheet of prayer requests and pray silently for each person and their request.

Group Praise Time
5 Minutes
Close the hour together. Give God praise for what He is doing for First Community Church and for what He will do in the next few weeks.