Musical Prayers

Creative Prayer Idea


Musical Prayers

Spread lots of bits of paper with things to pray for / give thanks for on the floor (e.g. shout a name for God three times, thank God for your best mate, sing one chorus of a song, be silent for 30 seconds).  Then you play bouncing loud music – everyone bounces around musically, from square to square on the floor until… you guessed it – the music stops and you have to follow the instructions.  As I participated in this activity and watched young people do the same, it was one of the few times I can remember when the personal and corporate splurged together successfully into one happy explosion.  The importance of the young people hearing each other and being encouraged to similarly participate cannot be underestimated!

Other suggestions for the pieces of paper:

  • Shout out one thing you are grateful for,
  • Stop, ask God what he wants to say,
  • Tell God about your day,
  • Ask God for something you want / need,
  • Ask God for something for one of your friends,
  • Thank God for one person in your life,
  • Ask God to meet with someone,
  • Shout out the name of someone you hope to become a Christian,
  • Tell God something you want forgiveness for,
  • Tell God someone you want to forgive.

…Add some of your own prayer requests or needs of others…