The Lord’s Prayer

Creative Prayer Idea


The Lord’s Prayer

An obvious place to start when we pray, but surprisingly we don’t always think of it!

Jesus gave us a brilliant model for prayer: it’s a good idea to read the whole passage in Matthew 6: 5-15, where Jesus advises his listeners how to pray. It can be very easy to repeat this prayer parrot-fashion because many of us have been taught it at an early age, and perhaps haven’t really thought about its meaning! However, this brilliant prayer includes all aspects of prayer: praise; thanks; praying for God’s will; confessing sins and asking for forgiveness, and help to forgive others; asking for what we need, and for help in situations of temptation.

Why not take some time to 1) read each phrase, and 2) think about it.  3) You could even re-write each phrase in your own words…

Here’s an example:
‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.’ Praise God that we have a Father Who is Lord over all earth and heaven, and worship Him for all that means and all He has done for us.
“Dear Lord, I thank You and praise You for all Your creation.  Thank You that You are my perfect Father, and love me more than even the best earthy father ever could.  Because of all this I want to praise Your name!”

You will probably come up with something different, depending on what aspects of the phrase stuck out for you personally.  Have a go with the rest of the prayer.  You should find you never pray the Lord’s prayer parrot-fashion again!