Prayer to Develop the Characteristics of a Christian

Focused Prayer: Characteristics of a Christian

Use the following to guide your prayers as you develop true Christian characteristics

Week 1 – How We Treat Others

  • Remind us that the way we treat others portrays our Christian values to others.
  • Help us to show tender-heartedness to one another.
  • You are a merciful God; may we show that same mercy to others.
  • Remove the bitterness in our hearts that cause us to not forgive others.
  • You are a merciful God; may we show that same mercy to others.
  • Allow us to demonstrate to the world that integrity is important in our Christian walk.
  • Gossip tears down people; we will not allow ourselves to engage in hearsay.

Week 2 – The Condition Of Your Heart

  • Allow Your Word to reveal Your nature to us.
  • May we not be deceived by Satan’s alternative attractions.
  • Remove the hardness of my heart and cultivate a right spirit within me.
  • Reveal the true condition of our heart and give us the desire to allow You to change us.
  • Give us a heart of thanksgiving.
  • Let the Words of Christ live in our hearts.
  • Let our worship be genuine and true; give us a heart of worship.

Week 3 – Your Relationship With God

  • Remove the intimidation that causes us to weaken our testimony for Christ.
  • You long to be with us – put a desire in our hearts to want to be with You.
  • Our hearts are fully committed to You, strengthen us in our time of need.
  • Our loyalty is to You, remove those things from our life that draw us away from You.
  • You gave Your life that all may be saved; may all come to know your saving grace.
  • Teach us to love the way You loved – willing to give freely to the point of self-sacrifice.
  • May we truly seek after those things in life that really matter.

Week 4 – Transformation

  • Open our spiritual eyes to understand the riches of Your Glory.
  • Transform me into a new person by changing the way I think.
  • Humble our spirits and give us a repenting heart.
  • Remove the pride that keeps us from seeing ourselves as You see us.
  • May our heart be filled with a spirit of jubilation, singing songs of praise to You.
  • Our minds are fixed on thee; keep us in perfect peace.
  • Let our actions reflect God’s values and not the world’s values.

Week 5 – The Power Within

  • Allow Your Word to reveal our sinful nature.
  • Train our hearts to hear Your Words so that we will not hesitate to take action.
  • Stir up the power within us to conquer all sin.
  • Discipline us to resist the temptation that so easily causes us to fall.
  • Give us the desire to obey You and the power to do what pleases You.
  • Baptize your people with the Holy Ghost and with fire.
  • Give us tongues of fire to preach, teach, and witness the Good News.

-Adapted from Brenda Hudson, Riverside Apostolic Church