Teaspoon Prayers

Creative Prayer Idea


Teaspoon Prayers

(Thank You, Sorry, Please)

No, this is not praying with cutlery, but is a way of remembering different aspects of prayer.
This formula helps you divide your prayer time into three sections, so that prayer is not a shopping list of requests but a relationship with God.

1) Thank You: Take time to thank God for all He has done, or for specific answers to recent prayers.
2) Sorry: Repent for mistakes you have made, things you have said or thought that you shouldn’t have, and for things you have failed to do. Ask God for His forgiveness.
3) Please: Ask God for what you need (most people tend to be best at this part!).

Another version of ‘tsp’ is the ACTS prayer for the more sophisticated pray-er! ACTS stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication.
Choose whichever version suits you best.