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Creative Prayer Ideas

Use the following ideas for fresh ways to inspire prayer in your prayer ministry.

Compassion Collage

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Compassion Collage Ask people to bring in old newspapers and magazines. Work together to create a collage by cutting out as many photos of people as you can find. Stick the [...]

Modeling Clay

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Modeling Clay Give each person a piece of play dough or modelling clay. Ask them to shape a model to symbolise someone or something that is of great concern to them. Pray i [...]

Cut and Restored

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Cut and Restored Give each person a piece of string and a pair of scissors. Ask them to cut the string in half. Ask them to think of any broken relationships in their life [...]


Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Coins Hand out coins to each person. Take time to reflect on your attitudes towards money. If appropriate, read relevant Bible passages about giving etc. Pray together that [...]

Wipe Out

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Wipe Out Using pencil, write problems or issues of concern on a large sheet of paper. These could be problems in your local community or region or on a national or internat [...]

Newspaper Prayers

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Newspaper Prayers Encourage people to bring in copies of local or national newspapers. Look through the papers and take time in small groups to pray for specific issues of [...]

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