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Creative Prayer Ideas

Use the following ideas for fresh ways to inspire prayer in your prayer ministry.

Prayer Postures

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Prayer Postures Prayer needs no special formula in order for God to hear it.  However, it can be interesting to try different postures when praying.  We use ‘body language’ [...]

Teaspoon Prayers

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Teaspoon Prayers (Thank You, Sorry, Please) No, this is not praying with cutlery, but is a way of remembering different aspects of prayer. This formula helps you divide you [...]

The Lord’s Prayer

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] The Lord's Prayer An obvious place to start when we pray, but surprisingly we don’t always think of it! Jesus gave us a brilliant model for prayer: it’s a good idea to read [...]

Five Finger Model of Prayer

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Five Finger Model of Prayer Here is a way of praying for others by using your fingers to trigger you into thinking about different groups of people. Thumb: Those furthest a [...]

Prayer Notice Board

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Prayer Notice Board Pin up onto a notice board photographs, names of people, or situations to remind you to pray for them. You can put names and specific items for prayer o [...]

Neighborhood Prayer Walk

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Neighborhood Prayer Walk Try going for a walk around your neighbourhood, work place, school, or college campus. As you do, make a note of particular homes, buildings, or ro [...]

Park and Pray

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Park and Pray Objective The objective of Park and Pray is quite simple. It is to help church families gain a perspective of the many needs that are in your area and then to [...]

Prayer Postcards

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Prayer Postcards Buy a stack of postcards. After spending time praying for people on your heart, ask each person to take time to write a note of encouragement to one of tho [...]

Thank You

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Thank You On large sheets of paper draw the word thank you using very large, hollow letters. Provide everyone with coloured pens and ask them to write thank you prayers ins [...]

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