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Creative Prayer Ideas

Use the following ideas for fresh ways to inspire prayer in your prayer ministry.

Prayer in Six Directions

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Prayer in Six Directions In an unhurried fashion, we greet the six directions in prayer. East: We turn to the east and face the rising sun. God is praised for the gift of n [...]

Thanksgiving Post-It Notes

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Thanksgiving Post-It Notes During a chosen day, carry around a pen and post-it notes.  Make an effort to jot down every time something positive happens or you are aware of [...]

Prayer Journal / Diary

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Prayer Journal / Diary Keeping a prayer journal/diary is like writing any other personal diary, except that it tends to be more focused and have a clearer purpose.  A tradi [...]

Letters to God

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Letters to God Some people find it easier to write down their feelings than to verbalize them.  Try writing a letter to God, expressing what’s going on in your mind.  You m [...]

Txt Pryr

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Txt Pryr Why not use your mobile ‘phone as a prayer tool? 1) Perhaps you have a job interview or you are just about to meet somebody difficult.  Send a text message to a fr [...]

Getting Rid of the Rubbish

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Getting Rid of the Rubbish Do you sometimes feel that you have said sorry for something in the past but it keeps returning to your mind time and time again?  We can often f [...]

Praying with Stones

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Praying with Stones ‘Cast your burdens on to Jesus because he cares for you’ When Jesus died on the cross, he took upon himself every wrongdoing of every man and woman.  He [...]

Musical Prayers

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Musical Prayers Spread lots of bits of paper with things to pray for / give thanks for on the floor (e.g. shout a name for God three times, thank God for your best mate, si [...]

Prayer Walls

Creative Prayer Idea [idea] Prayer Walls The idea here is to build a ‘wall’ of prayer for 24 hours, 7 days a week (or just 24 hours for a start!) by asking volunteers to sign up for 1 hour slots of pr [...]

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