To pray for all recent visitors to your church.
Talk to your group about how it is God’s will for your church to grow and to reach the lost. Ask each person to pray that they will assume personal responsibility to see this happen.

  • Get a list recent visitors to your church from your outreach department or pastor.
  • Make a card with each visitor’s name on it and give each person at the prayer meeting a card.
  • Ask them to pray for this person by name each day this week.
  • Encourage them to pray specifically. Too often we pray “bless them” prayers when we need to pray very specific things such as: save them, heal their sickness, provide for their financial needs, etc.

A good way to show this is to choose someone in the room and without any of the above mentioned instruction, have the group pray for that person. Then you pray for the person alone praying very specific things. For example, “God I ask that you bless pastor with a new and fresh anointing. I pray he would be in good health. I pray Your abundant blessings on his finances and on his family. Help him not to be weary in well doing. Give him wisdom as he counsels and knowledge to help those in need. In a non-condemning way, ask the question “Now which will benefit the pastor the most, if your prayer is answered or if mine is?