Prayer Walking on the Platform

Go to each of the following places and pray for those who frequent the area.  Pray blessings on the ministry and on the person involved in the ministry.

The Platform:

  • Instruments
    • Pray for the musicians (call as many by name as you can)
  • Praise Singers Mics
    • (Call as many by name as you can)
  • Keyboard
    • Pray for your keyboard player and music director
  • choir – both adult choir & youth choir
    • pray for adult choir and director
    • pray for the youth choir and director
  • pulpit
    • the preached word to go forth
  • area where leaders sit
    • blessings upon YOUR CHURCH’S leaders
    • pray for those leading a ministry
  • Pastor’s Chair
    • Pray for your pastor and their family.
    • Pray for your assistant pastor and their family.
  • guest speakers
    • evangelists
    • missionaries – any missionaries who may visit throughout the year
  • service leaders
    • Pray for service leaders
    • Pray for sensitivity to the leading of the service
  • Baptismal
    • Praise God for those that have been baptized so far this year
    • Pray for souls to fill the baptistery every service