Go to each of the following places and pray for those who frequent the area. Pray blessings on the ministry and on the person involved in the ministry.


  • Sound booth – PA system, video, overhead, online service
  • Platform – instruments, musicians, praise singers, pulpit, area where leaders sit, baptismal, pastor, guest speakers, service leaders
  • Sanctuary
    Altar – where people commit their life to God and come for prayer
    Pews – pray for the saints who sit on the pews and for God to fill the empty seats with new people
  • Fellowship Hall – children’s church, children’s pastor or leader
  • Sunday School Rooms – teachers, Sunday school superintendent, students
  • Preschool and School Rooms – students, school principal, teachers, parents
  • Youth Room – youth, youth pastor, youth staff
  • Hosting Room – new converts class, meetings that take place
  • Gym/recreational area – families of your church, youth functions, outreach tool, senior saints
  • Offices – church staff, church finances, nursery, bookstore, hosting ministry
  • Board room – that church board/leaders will make wise decisions
  • Church entries – that all who enter will be receptive to God’s Word and its power in their lives.
  • EC office – that every ministry and leader of the church be blessed and effective.
  • Front doors – for all visitors to feel welcome, loved, at home and the Hosting Ministry
  • Nursery – that the children will be taught and walk in the way of the Lord all their lives
  • Bookstore – that the Word of God will be planted permanently in the hearts of all who hear His Word
  • Ushers – that God will reward their efforts and commitment to the ministry and that they will be effective in helping people
  • Outreach Room – the daughter works (Warrenton and Harvester), Nursing Home Ministry, etc.
  • Deaf Ministry – That the ministry will become an outreach to the community and that God’s Word will be communicated effectively

To go on a prayer walk without leaving the church.
To pray through the entire church praying for each specific ministry.

Talk about the many ministries of your local church. Make a prayer list with the different ministries listed. Divide your group into small groups of three of four and send them throughout the church praying for the different ministries.
Give them a list and include some prayer points for them to pray.