Prayer Walking in the Sanctuary

Go to each of the following places and pray for those who frequent the area.  Pray blessings on the ministry and on the person involved in the ministry.

The Sanctuary:

  • Altar
    • As you are in the area where people come forward to commit their life to God, ask God to fill the altars with unsaved people every service
    • Pray that you will receive an intense burden for the lost
    • Pray for YOUR CHURCH to be sensitive and skillful in praying in the altars with people
  • Aisles
    • Pray for people to have the courage to step out when they have a need
    • Pray that the needs will be met for those who step out in faith
    • Pray for miracles
    • Pray for those in the church who currently have a need for healing
  • Seats
    • pray for the saints who sit on the pews
    • pray for God to fill the empty seats with new people
    • pray for the youth of YOUR CHURCH
    • pray for the families of YOUR CHURCH
    • pray for the senior saints of YOUR CHURCH
    • pray for the deaf ministry (left side front row)


  • Sound booth
    • PA system
    • Video
    • Overhead
    • Online service
    • Balcony
    • Stretch your hand toward the balcony and ask God to fill it with new people


  • Hosting Desk
    • Pray for all involved in the hosting ministry
    • Pray for sensitivity in dealing with visitors (both in their initial visit and in follow-up calls and visitation