15 Guidelines for Participants in Corporate Intercession

1.  Come prepared to pray by stirring up your faith.
2.  Sit together.
3.  Speak up! Others cannot agree with what they cannot hear.
4.  Avoid “preachy” praying and ministerial tones. Pray simply and conversationally.
5. Keep prayers concise, clear, and to the point.
6. Don’t read long passages of Scripture.
7. Don’t pray as you would in your private devotionals or pray through your personal prayer list.
8. Ask God; don’t explain things to Him.
9. Avoid addressing others in the room under the pretense of prayer.
10. Once you have prayed, wait for other people to pray before praying again.
11. When in doubt about what to pray, ask for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your church and city. All other requests are fulfilled when that occurs.
12. Try not to pray too big or too small. Pray for things the group can “get its faith around.”
13. Don’t be afraid of silence. It’s sometimes golden.
14. Listen to, agree with, and affirm each prayer.
15. Submit to pastoral guidance.

Pray! Magazine Issue 10 Jan/Feb  1999