You Are the Salt of the Earth Through Prayer

You are the salt of the earth through prayer. Salinity (salt) is a physical characteristic that impacts where marine organisms live and thrive. Salinity is the amount of salt that is dissolved in ocean water. The salinity of the oceans varies based on rainfall, evaporation, river runoff, and ice formation. When salinity lowers or increases it affects marine life. Most marine life creatures keep salinity inside their bodies equal to the salinity of the water surrounding them.
This is how prayer works. One person who carries the heart of God for souls, for intercession, for the increase of the name and glory of Jesus Christ in their community is impacting the spiritual marine life of their church. This produces spiritual salt by prayer. We are the salt of the earth. And if we lose our savor we are good for nothing. Salt is a preservative for kingdom values and kingdom purpose.
Ask God to increase His power in you through prayer and He will impact the spiritual marine salt life in others around you by the spirit of prayer.
Checklist on How to Pray:
  • God enlarge my heart by Your grace through prayer to manifest Your passion for people. Help me decrease so You may increase so I can influence others relationally with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Increase the fire of Your word through me by prayer to influence and impact the destinies of the people I serve and come in contact with.
  • Increase Your transforming love in me through prayer to break generational patterns in family church relationships and a dying lost world.
  • Increase my capacity to carry Calvary’s love to the hurting and the wounded so I won’t be offended with the cross you called me to bear for others.
Don Rogers
Wisconsin District