PrayerConnect for September 29, 2015

Why I Believe in Kids Prayer

WNOP is an advocate of kids prayer.  It is our belief that it is easier to train a child than fix an adult. When children are taught to pray at an early age, they not only become viable warriors for the Kingdom, but they are at an instant advantage of defying the statistics of “3 out of 4 leave the church when they turn 18 and never return”.
Last night our kids prayer class at my church started our class with a worship song. Only a few moments into the song, I sensed something was trying to happen. Our kids prayer leader felt it too and began to lead the children to a deep place of worship.  Tears were streaming down the faces of the children as they instantly (without prompting) turned and started praying with one another. This went on for 45 minutes.  It was beautiful and it was powerful.
After the time of prayer, we got quiet and had a time of listening. We train our children to stop and get quiet and see if the Lord has something to say to them. (I think most adults could learn from this as well.) I want to share what the children “heard” the Lord speak to them last night. Please keep in mind that this group was ages 5-9.
  1. One child said, “I felt the Lord say to me that something really amazing happened here tonight.”
  2. One said, “I feel God wants us to know that the best is yet to come.”
  3. One six year old said, “God told me that kids can do more than they think they can.”
  4. One said, “The Lord told me that when the enemy is silenced, it is easy to pray.”
  5. One said. “God told me that he wants us to share His love with others. He told me that we need to be bold for him.”
Does this give you chills?  It did me and the other two teachers.  These aren’t things your typical children would say. This is what happens when children are taught to hear the voice of God. And the great news is that it can happen at your church too.
In a few short weeks, WNOP will have a three-day seminar where we train adults to teach children (and youth) to pray.  Whether a parent, Sunday school teacher or children’s worker, this seminar is for you.  Come and experience this life-changing training so you can train and equip your children to be a powerful part of the Kingdom.

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Lisa Marshall