PrayerConnect for October 27, 2015

When Discipline Meets Desire

Discipline alone does not bring joy in prayer. If prayer is done without desire, it has simply become a habit or a motion we go through, similar to driving a car to a destination without remembering the joy of the journey. If you don’t really enjoy prayer, it is unlikely you will be effective at it.
1 Thessalonians 5:17, instructs us to “Pray without ceasing”.  How can continuous prayer be possible when at times we struggle so badly with it?
Prayer without ceasing doesn’t mean that we continuously kneel before God, rather it means that we are to have spiritual lives, not spiritual moments.  We are to live our lives in a mental and spiritual state of prayer all throughout our day’s experiences, rather than separate prayer into time slots or weekly prayer meetings.  God should not just be in the sacred parts of our life, but also in the secular, mundane and ordinary.  He is everywhere, at all times.  But He is only in the moments of our lives that we bring Him into.
Could it be that our mundane activities become holy when we become aware of God’s desire to be found in them? You see prayer is not just DOing, it is BEing with Him. When you integrate prayer into your everyday life, everything automatically changes because God is now in the picture and without a doubt affects us.

Welcome God into every part of your day and see how things suddenly take on a whole different meaning.Have a blessed week,

Colleen Clabaugh

WNOP Kids & Youth Prayer Coordinator 
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2015 Kids and Youth Prayer Seminar

The 2015 Kids and Youth Prayer Seminar was a great success with attendees from ten different states and two different countries.  God met with us in a powerful way as we sought God together on behalf of the children and youth of today. Sessions included: Passing the Mantle of Prayer to the Next Generation, Hearing God’s Voice, Missions and Kingdom Praying, Teaching Toddlers to Pray, Mentoring and Connecting with Young People, Keys to Prayer Training, Running a Kids Prayer Ministry, Prayer Stations and Themes, Teaching Methods, Child Psychology and Behavior, Prayer Tools and Creative Ideas, Fostering Faith in Prayer and Worship Beyond a Song.

General Superintendent David Bernard

Colleen Clabaugh, WNOP Kids & Youth Prayer Coordinator

Lisa Marshall, WNOP Strategic Prayer Coordinator

Prayer Map

Prayer Map

The group praying for Brother Bernard

Dr. Jeanie Bland, Urshan College & UGST

Reverend Jim Poitras, Global Missions

Prayer for Joni Owens and Kim Terry

Kim Terry, Dubuque, IA

Wendy Gerky, Malta, MT

Cylinda Nickel, MK Ministries

Jerry Barlar, Nashville, TN

Group Workshop

Friday Evening Service

Friday Evening Service

Panel Discussion with Speakers