PrayerConnect for March 1, 2016

United Prayer for America

This is heartfelt appeal to your church and prayer groups to initiate a monthly prayer meeting centered on praying for America.  If every church spends time on their knees petitioning our glorious God for revival in America that would change the moral landscape, who knows if the Lord would grant us a change in government a year from now that will actively respond to the murder and merchandising of baby parts of the unborn, stand up for God-ordained marriage and be granted the wisdom to address the economic and military challenges of our day.

We know and understand that what is happening in the physical is the manifestation of the spirits that have been unleashed in our land in the spiritual and the growing ignorance of God.  Violence has increased in huge proportions in our cities over the last few months.  The god of this world has been successful in keeping a great majority of American citizens blind and ignorant from the source of its woes.  Blaming and pointing of fingers is only driving a wedge between the people.  A kingdom divided cannot stand!  The Devil knows this and that’s why he’s using this strategy to divide families, churches and political constituents.

We know prayer is powerful!  Prayer can move mountains!  It can change hearts, convert souls and thereby change actions, decisions and bring healing and restoration to a broken and fallen nation. If we neglect to take this seriously, we will be handing our country over to the kingdom of darkness.  Why wait until things get worse when we can take the power and authority Jesus has given to us to thwart the enemy and bring his evil devices to naught and usher in the Kingdom of Light upon our land!

I am imploring you, by the mercies of God, to initiate a monthly prayer meeting where men and women of God will fall on their knees and seek His face for a Holy visitation in America and grant us godly repentance that will result in a change in our hearts, our minds and our actions.

A monthly PowerPoint will be available through WNOP along with a printable prayer guide that will assure that we are praying together in unity to address specific targets.  For prayers to be effective, they need to be sincere, faith-driven, in agreement with the Will of God, and specific.  We will try to provide such prayer points that the spiritual targets will get blasted with the prayers of the saints.

Vera Paquin, Guest Writer
Oak Creek, Wisconsin