PrayerConnect for July 26, 2016

Train Up a Child

I spoke at a wonderful church in Foley, Alabama this weekend.  While there, I observed something very interesting.
I watched this young minister (pictured here) in the church during the worship service.  His worship was sincere and at times quite vibrant. Sitting next to him were two small boys I would guess were four and maybe nine or ten. As the young minister raised his hands, the boys raised their hands.  As he danced, they danced.  I watched him in the altar service as tears streamed down his face.  And you might already know, tears streamed down the faces of the small boys as they poured out their hearts in prayer just liked their dad was doing.
Dads, do your children see you pray?  Do they see you worship? Moms, do your little ones see you pouring your heart out to God?  If you want them to do it, they need to see you do it.
To train, it to teach by hands-on repetition. I hope to see more instances of parents standing in church with their children by their side, training them in worship and prayer.

Have a blessed week,

Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer