The Power of Prayer

I want to make a very simple, but profound statement….there is power in prayer!  Now I know that we say this often. But sometimes I wonder if we truly believe it.  If you’ve ever struggled to believe in the power in prayer, let me share a few things from this past weekend.
I watched an elder go through a prayer line in the service I was attending. You could see in her movement and actions that she was in pain. I later found out that she had been in severe pain for over a month due to arthritis causing a pinched nerve in her back. God instantly touched her. At her doctor’s appointment on Monday, she shared with her physician that her pain level was ZERO.  There is power in prayer!
Another person had been unable to find comfort or relief from excruciating pain for many days instantly received healing as prayer went forth.  They danced and shouted as God brought complete healing. There is power in prayer!
Another person had gone through a severe time of depression for over three years.  He said he felt as if a black cloud hung over his head. As people gathered around him and prayed, God instantly delivered him from this dark depression.  He said, “I feel like a new man”.  There is power in prayer!
Three different people, with three different needs, each touched by the power of prayer.  Each left different than they came. We serve a powerful God who not only “hears” but “answers” our prayers.  There IS power in prayer!
Have a blessed week.
Lisa Marshall