PrayerConnect for March 15, 2016

The Greatest Challenge

If someone asked the greatest challenge WNOP has, two things would instantly come to mind. Without a doubt our biggest challenge is trying to raise people’s focus of prayer. You see most feel prayer is the means by which we ask God for something we need. And while we do make our requests known, that is NOT the primary reason we pray. The main reason we pray is because we love the one we are praying to and want to get closer. Remember when you first met your sweetheart? There weren’t enough hours in the day to talk to them. In order to grow in relationship with someone, you have to get to know them and that happens by spending time with them. And the second challenge would be getting people to understand the importance of getting quiet when they pray. Most spend their entire time in prayer doing all the talking when what they should do is spend part of their time “listening”. I fear many Christians walk around frustrated due to unanswered questions in their life when the sad truth is God wants to answer them but they never get quiet long enough to allow Him to speak. Many also get frustrated feeling they don’t pray long enough. That hour goal might be less intimidating if you feel you didn’t have to spend the entire hour doing all the talking.

Take time this week and raise your focus of prayer.  Pray for a missionary, a nation, people groups, those in false religions, the finances of kingdom work, orphans, the addicted….. Maybe even get quiet and ask God what He wants you to pray about.  Let Him dictate your prayer time this week.  He might also have something He wants to say to you.  Get quiet and see.


Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer