PrayerConnect for December 8, 2015

That’s Just Prayer!

Once while talking on the phone with my eighty-year-old grandmother, she shared a good report a close relative had just received from the doctor. I expressed how relieved I was to hear the news. Granny then responded in three words that stung my heart. With confidence in her usually frail voice, in a very matter of fact tone, she responded, “THAT’S JUST PRAYER.”

I realized that day, that my granny had a clear understanding of prayer. She didn’t seem surprised.  It was like she knew when we prayed everything would be okay – no matter what the doctors had said. How interesting to think that something that had perplexed a physician…more specifically, a specialist with many years of college, could be easily explained by my little grandmother with a fifth grade education.

When it looks, bad PRAY! When it seems impossible PRAY!  Let God show Himself mighty through the prayers of His people.

Sometimes there is no other explanation than that God just did it through prayer.

Have a great week.

Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer

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World Needs

Please pray for….

  • the friends and families of those who lost their lives in the shooting in San Bernadino, California.  Pray also for those who were present during the shooting.
  • the 200,000+ families in Nepal who are in danger of starvation as negotiations between the government and ethnic protestors continue to fail.
  • the youth in Southeast Asia, where cases of AIDS/HIV are growing at an alarming rate.
  • those impacted by the recent bombings in Paris, France and Beirut, Lebanon.
  • the Syrian refugee crisis.
  • the peace of Jerusalem.