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South Texas Summons Report

The STX District WNOP Regional Summons convened on July 20-22, 2017, at First Church in Pearland, Texas, where District Superintendent Ken Gurley is pastor. This event was a great SUCCESS! The overall attendance was well over 500, with an additional 35 in the Kids Summons. The evening evangelist was Joshua Herring, and during the Friday evening crusade 72 individuals were filled with the Holy Ghost! After Miguel Garrick preached on Saturday morning one more person was filled with the Spirit, making the total 73. Several people were baptized in the name of Jesus!  Many miraculous healings occurred throughout the Summons.

There were great moves of the Spirit of God in every service! Lives were transformed and the supernatural and the gifts of the Spirit were in operation! Some attendees were so amazed and expressed that they had never experienced anything ever like this before.

 Following are some other major highlights of the Summons: 

  • Speakers included Ken Gurley, Joshua Herring, Miguel Garrick, Jason Sciscoe, Flo Shaw & Colleen Clabaugh: The anointed messages divinely aligned with each other.
  • Plowing Before the Planter focus: Key training conducted by PBTP Prayer Coordinator, Phillip Hofstetter. Further equipped attendees in prayer evangelism.
  • Powerful Pre-service/Summons prayer: Led by Charles Russell, First Church Prayer Coordinator, prayer coordinators, ministers and intercessors.
  • Great moves of God: God did phenomenal things through preaching, worship, divine impartation, intercession, miracles, healings, educating, equipping, defeat of enemy, etc.
  • First Church of Pearland singers/musicians: Anointed worship led by Jonathan Dean, Tyler Walea and a team of anointed and talented singers and musicians.
  • STX District Interactive prayer team: Led by Esther Hunt and the STX District sectional prayer coordinators and prayer ministry team.
  • Grassroots For Israel representation: Esther Olds represented this dynamic ministry of advocacy and support for Israel/Jewish people in behalf of Dr. Wesley & Esther Shaw.
  • Reach Out America presentation (Disaster relief/humanitarian aid ministry): Key focuses presented by Ken Gurley and Larry Williamson, President.
  • Many people entered into new dimensions of prayer and the Spirit. For many attendees the Summons was a life changing experience!

On behalf of WNOP, I would like to personally thank all who worked and participated in this Summons to contribute in it being a great success! Eternity has yet to reveal all that was truly accomplished! The photos and quotes below speak volumes in part of what we experienced from the “GROUNDBREAKING” impact, and because of this…our lives are forever changed!

Flo Shaw
World Network of Prayer