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Still Praying

This weekend I had the privilege of being part of a prayer walk in Janesville, Wisconsin. God met with us in a powerful way throughout the weekend. During the event, I went to breakfast with one of the attendees.  I listened as she shared her heart for prayer and her desire to see the next generation passionate after God in prayer.  It resonated with my spirit.

During the event, we had a time of praying with one another.  I watched this precious lady go to another lady to pray. In the particular group we had, they would have been considered the elders, though neither of them were elderly. I watched as they passionately began to pray. As the rest finished praying and went to pray with others, these two precious ladies continued to pray. They prayed together the entire time.  It reminded me of the church I grew up in, consisting mostly of people over 50.  When they prayed, it wasn’t a 30 second prayer.  I remember times when they would start prayer at the beginning of the service, and 15 minutes later, they were still praying. Their prayers weren’t on a time schedule. They prayed until something happened.

I honestly think these two ladies (both named Linda) could have prayed the rest of the day. But that is what happens naturally when you love prayer and are called to intercession. Thank  you Sister Linda and Sister Linda for being an example to the next generation. Thank you for reminding us that prayer doesn’t have to be ‘short and sweet’.  It is okay to get lost in God’s presence with no time schedule.

This week, when you pray and get to that point where you are coming to a stop, keep praying. Pray a little longer. Seek God a little longer. Don’t be in a hurry. You may be quitting right before your miracle happens.

Have a blessed week,

Lisa Marshall