PrayerConnect for May 3, 2016

Start at the Altar

While speaking at a church I presented an overview of the Tabernacle plan in the prayer room. Coincidentally, the prayer room was filled with Tabernacle furniture. I felt a holy presence of the Lord when I entered this room. Here God was manifesting His presence with replicas of “heavenly things” (Hebrews 8:5) that we now have living inside of us.

Aided by the visual and God’s confirming presence, I left this experience with a greater passion, anointing, and understanding of the power of the Tabernacle plan in revival, restoration, and fulfillment of dreams and visions. The following day, in the prayer room before the service, I was told there was an explosive atmosphere of prayer, which I took as the Lord confirming the principles of the Tabernacle plan delivered the day before.

The efficacy of our prayers is closely related to, if not dependent upon, our sacrifice of repentance.  In the wilderness Tabernacle, the priest could not get into that revered place of intercession without a sacrifice, because incense representing prayers was lit with coals from the altar of sacrifice. That same principle applies today. The Lord kindles a Holy Ghost fire in our prayers and purifies them so we can press through.

When we are under attack, the devil is threatened by that fire,and he wants to put it out before we reach our destination. In our struggle, when it seems all of the forces of evil are against us, picture the wilderness tabernacle when smoke was coming out of it: no enemy could approach it. If we want smoke to come out of our tabernacle of prayer, we must start at the altar.
Carole Keller, Guest Writer
Oak Creek, Wisconsin