PrayerConnect for March 21, 2017

Prodigal Prayer Ministry

Recently I took a group to Idaho to do prayer walks. I’ve learned great insight can be gleaned by talking with the locals when I am in a new area. It did not take long to realize there was a large group of prodigals connected to this church.  It didn’t take long in talking with the parents and friends to feel the heaviness of their longing for their prodigals to return.
This same conversation has taken place in many of the areas I have visited of late. There seems to be a trend of heavy burdens for prodigals.  A friend wrote to me recently who is burdened for prodigals in her family.  She wrote the following:
I had to reach a point where I cared enough and was desperate enough to pull them out of the fire with passionate, committed prayer. The urgency of the hour greater than ever!  My question to you is …How much do you love the prodigals in your life? Are you willing go that extra mile in committing to pray for them? 
These words have challenged me.  Perhaps they will challenge you as well.  I too have prodigals in my family and in my church that I want to see return.  Join me this week in praying for prodigals.  I’m sure you have them in your family and church too.
The Prodigal Prayer Ministry at the Pentecostal of Alexandria has a group that will begin 90 days of prayer for prodigals starting April 1. You will find contact information on how to connect with them later in the Prayer Connect.  Prayerfully consider joining with them. Just as in the Book of Acts, one-accord praying always produces results.
Have a blessed week.
Lisa Marshall
Click here to download a free prayer guide on “Praying for Prodigals”.