PrayerConnect for March 29, 2016

Praying for Youth

Oh to be young again.  I remember when I was in my teens and early 20’s, it seems like I could go days without sleep. I basically lived on Mountain Dew, barbecue chips and chicken fingers and had limitless energy. (I also wore several sizes smaller clothes than I do now)  Oh to be young again.

The focus of the Prayer Connect today is “Praying for Youth”. Young people are the church’s most valuable, natural resource. Their energy, creativity, and mission-mindedness are needed if the church is going to realize its potential and perpetuate the apostolic message. This energy must be directed constructively, which can only be done by seeking God. Satan wants to turn youthful energy into a negative, destructive force.  We must, however, challenge his desire through focused intercession for our youth.

George Barna says three out of four youth are leaving the church when they get 18 and never return.  I firmly believe that prayer can change this statistic.  Join me this week and pray for the youth in your life. Call them by name. Pray for your children.  Pray for the youth in your neighborhood.  Pray for the youth in your church. But then pray bigger.  Pray for all youth.  Pray for trends happening with young people.  Pray for temptations on a broad scale that youth face.  Pray for the next generation to be strong.  Maybe even send a few cards and let them know you are praying and believe in them.

Lisa Marshall