Prayers on Credit

It all happened during the night of January several years ago.  My knee replacement surgery had been successfully done that morning.  Teri, my daughter, was napping on the couch beside my hospital bed, thankful that I had finally settled down into a deep sleep.  A nurse came in to check my vitals and pandemonium broke out.  My blood pressure was 50/30. A blood clot had hit my lungs and suddenly I was in diastolic heart failure and kidney failure!  Three hours passed before I responded to anything.
Except for Teri, none of those who so faithfully prayed for me knew that my condition had changed from normal recovery of knee surgery to serious and life-threatening.  Within 24 hours, many were praying for me, but not at the time I so desperately needed it.  From this, I’ve learned a blessed lesson.
“…before they call, I will answer…” is declared in Isaiah 65:24.  Prayers on credit!  Credit is when you receive something for which you will pay later.  God is good – and so trusting!  If we have a good credit history of praying when prayer is called for, He will respond on credit!
You did not know in the middle of the night on January 26 that I desperately needed your prayers, but before you called, He answered!
Grace and Peace,

Thetus Tenney

Guest Writer
Alexandria, Louisiana