PrayerConnect for April 19, 2016

Prayer Room Power

Do you have a “Prayer Room” in your church? If you don’t, you should have one. There is something about people who know the meaning of prayer gathering together to pray. There is a power of God that sweeps in that is incredible. It tears down strongholds. It breaks down walls of hindrance. It opens opportunities of renewal and creates an atmosphere for a mighty move of God.
In Acts 4:31-35, the Bible reveals what can happen in a “Prayer Room.”  When they prayed the place was shaken where they were assembled together. The Spirit of God was there. Those that were there were renewed in the Holy Ghost. Some may have received it for the first time (That has happened in our “Prayer Room”). There was a greater understanding of the Word. There was unity. It produced a spirit of giving and sacrifice in each of them. Great power was received to be witnesses for Jesus. That is “Prayer Room Power.”
In our church we have prayer in the Prayer Room thirty minutes before each service. This also helps to shake off the challenges and distractions of the day and to get the heart ready for the Word of God. It is also important in preparing for worship service so that the heart and mind is focused on the Lord. There is something powerful that comes from praying together with others in the Holy Ghost. It is life changing. You can tell when people have not gone to the prayer room. There is a difference in the service.
Don’t miss it! Before every service, get to the Prayer Room and experience for yourself “Prayer Room Power.” Remember that is how the Church had its powerful beginning (Acts 2:1-4).
Phillip Hofstetter, Guest Writer
Florida District