PrayerConnect for November 17, 2015

Operation Israel

Mission Accomplished” was the overall consensus and sentiment shared by the WNOPPrayer Team that was deployed by the sovereign hand of God to execute “Operation ISRAEL!” Awesome, Fantastic, Inconceivable, Miraculous, Remarkable, Spectacular, andWow ” are just a few words in the English vocabulary to describe the experience!
The event convened November 4-14, 2015 as a team of 34 intercessors, representing eight U.S. states and one country, embarked on a grand historical prayer journey that consisted of an 11-day Prayer Walk/Drive and Biblical Tour. History was made as WNOP conducted its first ever overseas prayer walk/drive! As Michael the Archangel ushered the way, this mighty intercessory army strategically prayed and prophetically spoke God’s end-time vision for a great spiritual awakening, revival, restoration, and harvest in the land of Israel! We thank Godfor granting us the privilege to go to fill His prayer request…and to achieve a mighty conquestall for His glory!

On behalf of WNOP, we particularly thank Bishop David and Brenda Hudson for their outstanding leadership roles in their appointment as trip tour hosts! A milestone was accomplished as WNOP honored Bishop Hudson with a beautiful scroll plaque commemorating his 20th journey to Israel. We also were grateful for Missionary Rick Robinson who was instrumental in leading onsite prayer. WNOP is so thankful for each participant and recognize that this trip would not have reached a pinnacle of success without such a great team effort!
Operation Israel was so phenomenal that the major highlights cannot be expressed in this one newsletter, and will be continued…in next week’s Prayer Connect. Gratitude also is extended to you in our reading audience and everyone else who faithfully prayed and fasted to make this trip a great success!
The trip included 18 first-time visitors to Israel. Among the trip participants, six individuals were baptized in the name of Jesus in the Jordan River, and one was filled again with the Holy Spirit. The team left an indelible mark on the residents of Israel, as various team membersdistributed bookmarks (Psalm 91 in English/Hebrew) and led in prayer and/or prayed at various sites, using a powerful prayer agenda booklet composed by Kim Johnson. SomeIsraeli contacts even displayed an interest in salvation or Christianity.
Strategic spiritual warfare prayers, intercession and proclamations went forth and were effective at every targeted site prayed by each person! Through the power of onsite prayer, strongholds were broken, ungodly forces were subdued, and the spirit of God was released to work for “the good” on behalf of the nation of Israel, even regarding the fulfillment of prophetic promises.
There were times that participants stood in awe beholding Israel’s majestic scenery and the biblical and historical sites in view. Just to mention a few, at times we wept intensely like when visiting the Wailing Wall; Golgotha; entering the Garden Tomb; taking communion; visiting the Holocaust/Palmach/Haganah/Diaspora/Israel Museums; and yielding to the sweeping sovereign move of God’s presence at the Bible college that persisted an hour, and concluded with a powerful message in tongues and interpretation, with God declaring “…for thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this!”
In that meeting God also confirmed that He would be a Light shining through the darkness in Israel and that He had established a beacon of light from that locality. In fact, throughout the trip on several occasions, unexpectedly the Spirit of the Lord would gloriously sweep in among us in a divine visitation with further affirmation that we were fulfilling His specific will!
                                                                    We experienced times of laughter or great joy too,

like on the morning boat ride on the Sea of Galilee; (this was especially meaningful because I spent my birthday that Sunday in Israel with a wonderful group of intercessors); at the Mount Beatitudes; inthe upper room; and at Mount Carmel, the City of David, Ben Yehuda, and the David Citadel Spectacular; during Shabbat dinner; etc. There toowas such sincerity on the faces of everyone in having the opportunity to visit notable places such as the Knesset (Israeli Parliament). We wereprivileged to have the youngest minister of theparliament, Oren Asaf Hazan, speak to the group, who appreciated WNOP’s prayer support and advocacy for Israel (see photo below).

A major highlight of the trip included special corporate prayer that was rendered at the top of a mount at Megiddooverlooking the prophetic “Valley of Armageddon.” As a result, the Lord confirmed that a landmark/gateway (pouring of anointing oil upon a rock, based on the Word) had been established that would allow His power and angelic activity togreater operate and flow through during these last days during the great Battle of Armageddon as depicted in the Book of Revelation. See photo below. At this site, several intercessors saw angels appear in the spirit.
Other special speakers through the course of the trip included Irvin Baxter (Endtime Ministries), and representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and the Ethiopian Jews Foundation, respectively. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Beer Sheva were phenomenal places to walk and pray!  Other site visits included: Abraham’s Well; Kiryat Shemoneh; the Negev; Masada; Jericho; Tiberias; Gamla; Valley of Tears; Israeli Lebanon/Syrian Borders; Western Wall/Tunnel; Temple Mount (photo above: taken during trip); Tomb of David; Caiaphas Palace; Southern Steps; Independence Hall; the Old City;  etc. Each event and site was unique, and a special work was wrought accordingly!

This report does not even touch the surface of the depth of all that transpired both in the natural and supernatural. Furthermore, before our feet even left the soil of the land of Israel, WNOP had already received a request to conduct an overseas prayer mission in another country,in addition to Israel. There is not enough space to relay every account, but we saw the handprint of the Lord in every footstep of the team made on this prayer journey! But only time and eternity will truly reveal all that happened!
The team indeed was part of God’s divine design for both His temporal and eternal purpose, which has forever changed the course of humanity! Words cannot adequately express the impact or magnitude of this grand event, and we genuinely thank God for the ultimate victory! Truly, Operation Israel was a trip of a lifetime, and we can all shout in unison…”Mission Accomplished!”
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer