PrayerConnect for October 25, 2016

Ontario District Regional Summons Report

The Ontario District Regional WNOP Summons was a great success! The event convened November 3-4, 2016 at Faith Sanctuary in Ontario, Toronto, Canada where Granville McKenzie is pastor. The overall attendance was more than 550 people! “It’s ON” was the theme…and the battle was ON! And in its finality, the victory was sealed with the seal of the Spirit at the “Holy Ghost & Healing Crusade” when the sovereign presence of God ushered in and a record 46 individuals were filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost!A host of people also were healed, and there was great rejoicing that followed! In part, the impacting photos displayed below speak volumes of what transpired!
WNOP sincerely appreciates Ontario District Superintendent, Arnold MacLauchlan, for his great leadership and for having extended the invitation to conduct a regional summons in Toronto. At times during this event, people stood in awe at the manifestation of the power of God! Main speakers included Jerry Jones, Granville McKenzie, Andrew Eastman, Garland Hanscom, Flo Shaw, Lisa Marshall, and Josh Herring (crusade speaker). WNOP is already looking forward to next year’s Ontario Summons that will transpire on November 2-4, 2017 at Faith Sanctuary in Ontario, Toronto, Canada!
Other 2017 Ontario Summons highlights included Brother Green, Brother McKenzie’s esteemed pastor, who was healed miraculously just while praying for a line of people.Brother Green testified how his nerves were damaged by a knife injury two years ago which had prohibited him to clap his hands since then, due to extreme pain upon contact with any surface. Right after praying for others in line, the pain immediately left his hand, and he started to vigorously clap his hands among the audience. As a result, everyone rejoiced! God also healed pain in his shoulder that Brother Green previously had for many years. A count was not taken, but many were healed, some which verbally expressed it during the conference: specific healing from physical pain, emotional trauma; cancer, hearing problems, back issues, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. God performed these and other notable miracles!
Errol Heron, WNOP Ontario District Event Prayer Coordinator, led a dynamic “It’s ON Prayer Walk” in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday morning after the Ontario Summons concluded on Friday night. During the prayer walk strongholds were broken, and the Spirit of God prevailed to accomplish great things in His kingdom, as a group of more than 60 people prayed.
WNOP would like to thank everyone who played a role in and contributed to the great success of the Ontario 2016 Summons… And we will continue to victoriously move ON…because BAM “It’s ON!”
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer