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Honoring Educators

Appreciation Sunday, a dynamic community outreach, is scheduled to convene on Sunday, September 10, 2017!  Churches will show honor and give tribute to educators, both in the secular and Christian communities, along with their families. We celebrate the impacting services of these esteemed men and women who are a valuable part of our communities!

The United Pentecostal Church of North America would like to build upon the success of 2016. This year, several outstanding educators in the secular and Christian communities will be honored for their invaluable contributions in the lives of others. The secular community includes anyone in education and training, such as: professors, teachers, principals, administrators and guidance counsellors. The Christian community includes Christian educators, such as Sunday school teachers, Bible study teachers and other trainers in Christian ministry.

Despite the challenges in our educational system within some of our communities, these men and women play a pivotal role in influencing our communities and demonstrate commitment to the success of their students. Educators will be nominated by their superiors and recommended by senior supervisors, students, alumni and mentorship programs through which they have inspired and impacted other people.

Let us take up the challenge by our General Superintendent, Bishop David K. Bernard who sincerely appeals to each church to participate (click video link).

It is imperative that we pray and support those who protect us! I urge Churches and individuals everywhere to join with World Network of Prayer (WNOP) and Building the Bridge (BTB) as we partner to support Appreciation Sunday. Intercessors worldwide are requested to unite with WNOP in our commitment to undergird educators, communities, and participating churches with prayer and fasting to achieve the greatest outcome! Below is a select announcement from Bishop Micheal Mitchell regarding Appreciation Sunday.

Flo Shaw
World Network of Prayer