PrayerConnect for January 17, 2017

Greater Things, Astounding

In preparation for the WNOP Ontario Summons, I organized a group of people praying for the district leaders and the prayer conference. The team prayed at Faith Sanctuary in Toronto every Friday and fasted every Wednesday. Having witnessed the work of the Lord in the conference, the team decided to continue our Friday prayers and Wednesday fasting. What follows has been ASTOUNDING!
Prior to the prayer conference, we saw few people getting baptized and none filled with the Spirit over the past few months. Since the prayer conference, we have seen an upsurge in the number of people being baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Spirit. From November 5 – December 4, 2016, a total of 19 people have been baptized in Jesus’ name and six were filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit!
Some of the individuals being baptized and filled are from daughter churches. Brother Clive Newman from Mississauga had four people baptized and one person filled over a two-week span.  Brother Lake Ramdas, of Malton, had two people baptized and one of them was filled during this same period. While all this was happening, we noticed more people were requesting Bible studies and more members were conducting Bible studies than before. We have 13 Bible study requests and six of these are undergoing the study currently. One member, Robert Mendez, conducted four Bible studies with coworkers and has baptized two of them, and the same two were filled with the Holy Spirit! Sis. Velma Grant teaches our Bible study on Sundays for individuals who are not yet converted.  One person from that group got baptized at the end of November. We have now set up six Bible study teams across the greater Toronto area to meet the needs of people who are requesting Bible studies. God is at work in response to prayer!
Over the past two weeks, my cousin (who attended the Summons), was experiencing chest pains and completed a nuclear stress test to examine her heart. The results revealed that she had major blockages in the arteries that required surgery.  Previously, she underwent three surgeries to prevent blockages, and stents were placed in the arteries. The operation was scheduled to be on Monday, December 12. On Saturday, December 10, I visited my cousin. She relayed that she requested prayer from friends and relatives, and was anxious about a fourth operation. Before leaving, I prayed for her and said to her, “I hope to hear from you on Monday.” On Monday, I received a text from her reporting victory! She said when the doctors opened her up, they saw no blockage. They ran tests to see how the blood was flowing in her arteries and the report was excellent. Doctors were dumbfounded. God did it! My cousin was worshiping in the hospital after she came out of the anesthetic.
What I am saying is that, God is saving and healing people in our midst. Is this the beginning of the revival that we have been seeking?  We hope to continue praying and fasting in the New Year and see what God has in store. My prayer is that this same manifestation of the power of God takes place in all our churches in the district.
Errol Heron
Ontario District Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer