PrayerConnect for August 9, 2016

God’s Answers are Wiser than Your Prayers!

I read a quote this week that said, “Keep praying, but be thankful God’s answers are wiser than your prayers”. As this began to marinate in my spirit, I suddenly found myself very thankful.  Many times in life I have prayed and asked God for a certain result. On many occasions, that result never came, rather one that was not what I was hoping to get. At the time it was difficult.  But now that I am down the road, I can see so so many instances that God was caring for me in a way I didn’t even comprehend.  On this side of the trial, I can honestly be thankful the answer didn’t come as I prayed for it.
The late J.T. Pugh once said, “He’s God and He’s good at it, so trust Him”.  What great advice. God loves us more than anyone and He is always looking out for our good – even at times it may not feel like it.  We must trust Him.  His ways are above our ways and therefore, we may not always understand.  But that is okay.  He is God and we aren’t.
I don’t know what issues you face today.  I don’t know what disappointment you may be feeling. But I do know that we serve a God who has you safely in His care. Take comfort knowing He will always do what is best. He does hear your prayers and He will answer. It may or may not be in the way you want or the time frame you want, but rest assured, He will answer and do what is best. We have nothing to fear with Him on our side.
Have a blessed week,
Lisa Marshall