PrayerConnect for December 29, 2015



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Have you decided to follow Jesus? The Greek rendition and etymology of the word “follow” (Akoloutheō) translates to mean “to come after” and “to accompany, assist, and reach.” The invitation to follow Jesus is to obey this call, and to learn of Him, to love Him, and to be like Him. It is to know Him, adore Him, and emulate Him!

To “Follow the Leader” (Jesus) comes with a purpose and a price, but this pursuit also comes with a promise! Join with us in prayer and fasting, and unreservedly say yourself, “where He leads, I will follow!” And later…if Jesus had to follow up on you, would you be able to say, “Yes I have participated in this consecration, and I chose to follow…”

Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer

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Praying for Revival for our World

Please pray…
  • for all those in the United States who were affected by tornadoes and flooding during the holidays.  Ask God to comfort those who lost friends and loved ones and ask God to provide for those who lost their homes and worldly possessions.
  • for the nation of Burundi. Five months of political crisis following a disputed presidential election have left tens of thousands facing hunger, homelessness and danger. More than 220,000 Burundians are now refugees.
  • for Nepal.  A two-month partial blockade of the Nepal-India border is having a serious impact on earthquake recovery efforts.
  • Please pray for the following countries considered to be the poorest in the world:
    1. Democratic Republic of Congo
    2. Burundi
    3. Somalia
    4. Zimbabwe
    5. Central African Republic
    6. Liberia
    7. Niger
    8. Malawi
    9. Madagascar
    10. Afghanistan