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Fishing with Jesus

The New England Territory Summons (NETS) which occurred on August 24-26, 2017, in the Boston, Massachusetts area was a great success! The attendance was nearly400 people! Many people were healed and several received the Holy Ghost! The day services were held at Northshore Pentecostals (Pastor Fred and Heather Benkley) in Danvers, Massachusetts, and the night services were held at Holy Ghost Society Hall in Peabody, Massachusetts. Summons speakers included Jay Stirnemann, Chester Wright, Art Wilson, David Shatwell, Lee Stoneking  (Evening Evangelist), Flo Shaw (Keynote), and Lisa Marshall (Prayer). People came from throughout the New England area and across America.
At the NETS, lives were completely changed and many were lifted to a new dimension of the Spirit. There were sweeping moves of the Spirit of God in every service. The gifts of the Spirit also were in operation throughout this event. A great spirit of unity prevailed as leadership and laity gathered in one mind and one accord for the sake of kingdom revival and harvest. History was made for the first time since all four New England district superintendents attended and participated in this event!
Two prayer walks/drives occurred: One in Plymouth, led by Jay Stirnemann (MA/RI District Superintendent), and in Salem, led by Juli Jasinski (MA/RI District Prayer Coordinator).
At Plymouth Rock, Jay Stirnemann led in prayer for an awakening to repentance, an outpouring of the Spirit, laborers for the harvest, and a new work. At the Plymouth Monument, the Lord miraculously filled a man with the Holy Ghost as he lifted his hands and fell to the ground in the grass under the power of God, speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. He said this was the first time he ever had this experience! We all felt that this was an affirmation of God hearing the onsite prayers and the work that God will do in Plymouth!
At Salem, Juli Jasinski led in prayer for strongholds to be broken and the gateways of evil be shut down so that the forces of Satanism/witchcraft would not prevail. We also prayed that God would lose His light in the city to drive out darkness and that people would be set free. Approximately one year ago, the “Headquarters of Satan” (Satanic Temple) relocated there. The Lord sent Micheal the Archangel and a host of Angels to go before us in Salem. The mission that God desired there…was accomplished! There was great victory in the air! A witch came to the evening service to hinder/curse it, but God’s power prevailed, and she could not, and left!
On behalf of WNOP, I would like to personally thank all who worked and participated in this Summons to contribute to it being a great success! The photos and quotes below speak volumes in part of what we experienced from this spectacular event when we met at the NETS!
Flo Shaw
World Network of Prayer