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Seek First the Kingdom

Someone asked me once what I felt was the most important thing I’ve learned about prayer? I must confess, about ten different things flooded my mind.  How on earth could I narrow it down to just one? Then I paused, I smiled…..and gave my answer. “The most important thing I’ve learned about prayer is that it isn’t about me”.

For most, the majority of time in prayer is spent praying for needs specific to their lives. Most prayers have some form of “God bless my….” or “God help my……”.  The truth is, prayer isn’t about giving God a wish list for yourself.  It isn’t about asking Him for all the things you need.  Prayer is so much bigger.

Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom”.  Yet, so often, we don’t.  My personal goal this year is to put forth a concerted effort to “pray beyond”. Beyond…..myself, my family, my church, my city, my state, my nation.  I want a global vision of prayer.  I want to pray beyond what affects me.  Pray beyond what I can see. Will you join me?

June 4 is the Global Day of Prayer and Pentecost Sunday.  Join with WNOP and millions of others, as we pray for the world and pray for an outpouring in our churches worldwide.  What better place to start praying “beyond”?

Have a blessed week.

Lisa Marshall