PrayerConnect for January 5, 2016

Fighting “from” Victory

In the book of Judges, Gideon teaches us that if we want to win the battle, it must first start the battle on our knees. Facing impending danger, Gideon’s word of faith to the 300, made an impactful difference.
He returned to the camp of Israel and said “Arise, for the Lord has given the camp of Midian into your hands”. We are going in knowing in advance the Lord Has given us the victory. Talk about faith!!!!!  Gideon resolved to go and claim what was already his. Gideon was not fighting “for” victory but “from” victory. The Lord had already given him the victory, it was his job to claim it.  Not to figure out how it would happen.  Not to help facilitate it.  He simply had to go get what was his.
March into 2016 knowing God has positioned you to win.  You are not fighting “for” victory, but “from” victory.  There are over 8,000 promises in the Bible that are available to you through Jesus Christ. Plant yourself on the Word of God and His promises and see what God does in your life.
Happy New Year!
Lisa Marshall
Strategic Prayer Coordinator
World Network of Prayer 
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dkbernardFor 2016 the UPCI has adopted the theme “Follow,” based on the call of Jesus Christ:  “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me” (Matthew 16:24). The world says, “Follow your heart,” but the Lord says, “Follow my feet.” Let’s go beyond the temporal and follow Jesus, for when we walk in His footsteps we find the eternal. Join with the World Network of Prayer and other churches worldwide on January 1-30, 2016 as we participate in focused prayer and fasting.
The 30 Days of Prayer Guides are available to order from the Pentecostal Publishing House, An electronic guide is available here.
David K. Bernard
General Superintendent
United Pentecostal Church International
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Have you decided to follow Jesus? The Greek rendition and etymology of the word “follow” (Akoloutheō) translates to mean “to come after” and “to accompany, assist, and reach.” The invitation to follow Jesus is to obey this call, and to learn of Him, to love Him, and to be like Him. It is to know Him, adore Him, and emulate Him!
To “Follow the Leader” (Jesus) comes with a purpose and a price, but this pursuit also comes with a promise! Join with us in prayer and fasting, and unreservedly say yourself, “where He leads, I will follow!” And later…if Jesus had to follow up on you, would you be able to say, “Yes I have participated in this consecration, and I chose to follow…”
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer