PrayerConnect for February 21, 2017

Effectual Prayer

This past weekend, I this the priviledge of taking  a group to Lewiston, Idaho to do prayer walks. Our main focus was praying for the lost.  As the weekend progressed, we also began to pray for backsliders.  After two full days of praying, we stayed over for New Life Apostolic’s Sunday service. (the photo on the right shows some of the group praying from a mountain that overlooks the city)  The pastor shared the following report with me today.
  • Saturday evening a backslider called and asked what time service started on Sunday.  Her desire was to attend the service and reconnect with the church.
  • Rose, a waitress in the hotel our group stayed at, broke down and cried and asked for prayer.  I asked if she would be open to the pastor contacting her.  Her answer was a resounding “yes”.
  • A family of six showed up Sunday morning and expressed they were looking for a new church and absolutely loved what they felt in the service that morning. The pastor was able to pray with them and set up a time to meet together to talk.
  • Two teens who came in on the church bus were in the altar seeking the Holy Ghost on Sunday morning.
  • Sunday evening two brothers who are backsliders came back to church after not being there for years.  Both sought the Lord and one was refilled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
It is a coincidence all of this happened on a weekend a concerted prayer effort for the lost took place? I don’t think so.  I think God responds to the effectual, fervent prayers of his people.
Would you join with me this week in praying for Lewiston, Idaho?  Why not also pray for the lost and the backsliders globally as well as the ones in your city.  I look forward to hearing the amazing reports of things just like reported above from you!
Have a blessed week.

Lisa Marshall