PrayerConnect for October 11, 2016

All Nations Sunday

ALL NATIONS SUNDAY is scheduled to convene October 23, 2016. This day is commemorated annually to highlight and celebrate the many cultural and language groups in our communities. Presented by Multicultural Ministries (MCM), the team seeks to bring awareness, provide training, and offer resources for every church in North America; assisting them to reach people of all nations in their local area.
Many UPCI churches will rally around a concerted “cross-cultural” evangelistic outreach effort. On this one Sunday each year, emphasis will be placed upon evangelism into another culture or language group. Each member should invite someone of another culture or language to attend the service. Annually, the Sunday previous to United Nations Day (October 24) is designated to be ALL NATIONS SUNDAY.
Churches worldwide are encouraged to consider making plans to have a special service on this date. Pastors and leaders can promote prayer and awareness for all of the people groups in their city and have the church invite their neighbors and co-workers from all cultures. Expect great results! This information can then be shared with Multicultural Ministries if desired and everyone can celebrate together about what God is doing! Please choose to be a vital part of this great cause as we reach out to all nationalities. For more information please access the event website at
Join with WNOP and Multicultural Ministries in prayer to support this important and grand event, for you too hold the key that opens the door to…all nations!
Flo Shaw
International Coordinator
World Network of Prayer