PrayerConnect for April 26, 2016

A Spirit of Prayer

Each Monday evening, I help teach a kids prayer class at my church. Last night, I decided to go upstairs and pray with the adults. We have a fairly new saint in our church who recently relocated to St. Louis to be near her family. Her name is Sister Esther Weeks and she is 83-years-old. During last night’s prayer meeting, my attention was instantly captivated by Sister Esther. As the person leading prayer led us to pray for different things, I watched as the group prayed and eventually stopped to wait on the next thing to pray about. But not Sister Esther!  After everyone’s prayer had run its course, Sister Esther was still praying. It did not phase her at all that everyone had stopped. She continued her prayer – and what a prayer it was!  Her prayer was filled with faith and passion. It became very apparent to me that she is the epitome of a seasoned prayer warrior and without a doubt, there was a spirit of prayer on her. It impacted me in a way that I’m not even sure I can express.
You see I remember as a child listening to my grandmother and my Aunt Mae pray that way.  I have to confess there were times I thought they would never stop praying.  I would give anything to be able to go back and listen to them again. As a child, I really had no idea how blessed I was to be exposed to that type of praying. The type of praying that was from a very deep place and was rock-solid in faith that God would hear and respond.
My prayer last night before going to bed, “God, please let the same spirit of prayer fall on me and my generation that Sister Esther has”.  That gut-wrenching prayer that grips your heart and won’t let go. The type of prayer that presses you to go farther than most and keep praying after silence has fallen on the room. I believe it is that type of effectual, fervent prayer that moves mountains and shakes the foundation of hell.
Thank you Sister Esther for being an example to those of us coming along behind you.
Have a great week,
Lisa Marshall