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A Limitless God

God’s power is limitless. There is literally nothing He can’t do. The Bible tells us God is…. a healer, provider, shepherd, friend, physician, counselor, way maker, problem solver, giver of peace, infinite, immutable, all powerful, self-sufficient, omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent, wise, faithful, good, just, merciful, gracious, holy, love, sovereign……are you getting the picture?
We are not praying to a weak God, we are praying to an almighty God! If we could take our eyes off our problems and set them on our God, we would find it easier to pray.  Cancer is nothing to the Great Physician and Creator who made every cell and fiber of the human body. Peace in the midst of chaos and problems of life, is nothing to a God who has an abundance of peace that passes understanding. There simply isn’t a problem that He doesn’t hold the answer to.

Take time this week before you pray and spend a few minutes focusing your thoughts on who God really is. You will quickly realize that you can confidently pray BIG prayers because you serve a BIG God.

Lisa Marshall