Plowing Before the Planter – Pleasanton, TX

September 18, 2015, Eagle Ford Texas Section launched its first Plowing Before the Planter event with church planters Robert and Audra Moody.  There were 89 in attendance and the release of faith was evident at the outpouring of worship and prayer.
The group went through focused training and responded in prayer.  Time was spent at the church praying for the Moodys, the city and God’s will to be done in Pleasanton, Texas. Many lives were touched and transformed. The group also prayer walked throughout the city calling on God and speaking life and hope into the city.
 The following testimonies were given:
  • Friday night while kneeling to pray at the altar, I felt the altar and floor sway.  At first I thought it was me so I stood up, but then when I knelt again I felt it.  I feel like there’s sifting and change.
  • Saturday  morning while praying and laying hands on the map of Atascosa County – I felt like and earthquake was happening.  The ground started moving.  I moved my hand off of the map and it quit I put my hand back on the map and my feet and body felt like it was on shaking ground. 
We thank God for what was done in Pleasanton and believe for continued reports of the impact of the prayers prayed this weekend.
Esther Hunt
District Prayer Coordinator
South Texas District