Plowing Before the Planter – Middleburg, FL

There were over 38 attending “Plowing Before The Planter” that took place at ConnectPoint Apostolic Church in Middleburg, Florida on July 24 – 26, 2015 .
Friday night PBTP began with worship giving God the glory. The training began with five raining session subjects by the PBTP team. Troy Shurte ministered ending the Friday night training with a very positive encouraging message “The Answer Is In The Prayer”.
Saturday morning the PBTP team continued to lead training sessions. Then we broke up into teams to prayer walk / drive Middleburg. When everyone returned we had a debriefing. Listening to them you could see how they were greatly impacted by what they experienced.
Saturday night culminated with wrapping up the teaching and a special ending message of victory. God moved in the Gifts of the Spirit blessing those there and confirming His Word.
PBTP also arranged a special speaker for the Sunday service. Rev. James Asbury Section 3 NAM Director ministered. He preached a message on “There Are A Lot Of Jesus Name People In This City” This was very encouraging to Pastor Guerra and the church family.
This was a very special time with Pastor Michael Guerra, his family and the congregation. Pastor Guerra said he felt a greater liberty in the church than ever before. We anticipate a great harvest coming to ConnectPoint.
Since PBTP Pastor Guerra has continually reported many new visitors.
Pastor R. Phillip Hofstetter
Florida District WNOP Coordinator