Plowing Before the Planter – Crawfordville, FL

The “Plowing before the Planter” in Crawfordville, Florida was a wonderful experience. Many attended the training sessions May 22nd through 23rd. We were blessed to have had several Pastors and their prayer leadership in attendance also.
Friday night after one of the sessions during a time of prayer, God gave inspiration and direction through the gift of Prophecy. Every time we gathered during PBTP, there was a tremendous presence of the Lord.
After Saturday morning’s sessions we went out to prayer walk and prayer drive. Each area of Crawfordville was covered with prayer. When everyone returned to the church we discussed what was seen and felt. As those involved in the prayer walk and drive began to speak, they began to weep from the increased burden now felt for the city through their experience.
From the experience during “Plowing before the Planter”, we felt something special happened and that the Lord will give Pastor Joseph Abraham, his family and the First Pentecostal Church of Crawfordville, Florida congregation great testimonies.
The whole PBTP Team was so very blessed to be involved and will never be the same through this experience.
Pastor R. Phillip Hofstetter
Florida District WNOP Coordinator