Plowing Before the Planter – Bristol, FL

Upon our arrival in Bristol, October 1, 2015 we felt the oppression of the city as we drove in. Meeting the McKay’s was truly a blessing and as we talked about their ministry in Bristol our discernment was verified.
Brandon Childress (Section 3 WNOP leader) preached in Bristol the weekend prior to Plowing Before The Planter and 8 received the Holy Ghost and 3 were baptized. Also he was there to gain some insight about Bristol and to do territorial research.
It was exciting to see the church on the corner of main street in Bristol, what a great location. The church was connected to three other store fronts. Sharee McKay has opened a thrift store in one of them and uses this as a ministry to reach souls. She also goes into the prison located in Bristol to minister. Pastor James McKay is having faith to be able to buy the whole building in the near future and renovate it. God has given them a wonderful vision of how to reach the lost in their city. This was confirmed through a Prophecy Friday night in pre-service prayer.
Each PBTP is unique to each Church. This was a blessing to the Bristol congregation and leadership. We were thankful for over 26 people in attendance.
Sunday morning Pastor McKay baptized a man in Jesus’ name! More new visitors came and people who had not attended in awhile came back in the Sunday service. Pastor McKay said how he was so appreciative that PBTP came to Healing Ministries Apostolic Church and the city of Bristol, Florida. And that now they felt a freedom in the Spirit like never before in their city.
We are looking forward to hearing all the future testimonies of what God will continue to do in Bristol!
Pastor R. Phillip Hofstetter
Florida District WNOP Coordinator