How do I learn to pray kingdom prayers?

Practice. Following are ideas that may help you change your focus to make His kingdom your priority.

Changing Your Focus


Cover missionaries with prayer. On this day, you can intercede for the needs and the requests of missionaries. You might want to consider adopting some missionaries and interceding for them and their work (


Pray for the nations of the world. You might consider adopting a particular nation that you will pray for. You might consider praying for the nations in which the missionaries that you are praying for are serving.

Wednesday—People Groups

Pray for particular people groups. You can adopt particular unreached people groups for which you will specifically intercede. You might consider tying this in with the other days by praying for the people groups among whom your missionaries are working.

Thursday—World Leaders

Cover world leaders in prayer. You can find a list of the world leaders on the WNOP site. You might consider praying through this list over a period of time. Each Thursday, you might pray for a particular number of the leaders. You might consider praying for the leaders of the nations of the missionaries for whom you are praying.

Friday—Listening Day

Use this day to simply wait on the Lord. Ask Him, “Jesus, what needs do You want me to pray for today? What missionaries do I need to pray for today? Guide me in how You want me to pray for the spread of the gospel today.” As He impresses names and needs on your mind and heart, pray with fervency.

Saturday—Bible Translation

Pray for the translation of the Scripture into the languages of the world. You might consider praying for the translation of the Bible into the languages where your missionaries are working. You might plead for the various nations and the translation of the Bible into their language.

Sunday—Your Church and a Heart for Missions

Plead with God to give your church a heart for missions, both at home and around the world. Ask that the believers would be involved in missions through personal witnessing, prayer, giving, and taking part in mission projects and trips.